30 Reviews in 30 Days

Throughout the entire month of July, I’ll be posting one new product review each day.  Of course, I’ll take the day off on the 4th of July, which makes it a nice round number of 30 reviews.  I’ll be listing the reviews here as they go live, but I’ll also add them to our normal Product Reviews page as well.

While skills trump stuff, there is a fair amount of gear and supplies in which you may need to invest in order to be better prepared for life’s little curve balls.  Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of crap on the market today.  Shoddy equipment poorly assembled and then marketed to budding, and even experienced, preppers and survivalists who might not know any better.

All month long, I’ll be reviewing knives, cook sets, flashlights, fire starters, and a whole lot more.  Stay tuned, folks, this is gonna be fun!

1) Water Bottle Shoulder Bag
2) Bug Out Personal Hygiene Kit
3) Streamlight ProTac HL4
4) The Survival Medicine Handbook
5) Mechanix Gloves
6) Steel Will Adept 1000
7) How to Survive Anywhere (Second Edition) by Christopher Nyerges