Vigilant Trails Micro Fishing Kit
Posted on: February 14, 2014
Vigilant Trails Fishing Kit

[Reviewed by Sean Neeld]

Upon opening the box that contained the kit, I immediately thought “Hey, this will fit in a cargo pocket on my pants.” This is an important aspect because if it was too bulky, it would be relegated to the ol’ bug out bag, where space is at a premium. Who wants to dig to the bottom of your gear-bag when you can just pop it in one of your pockets? The size also lends itself to being easily transferred from tackle box to personal carry, or to wherever it’s convenient for you since it’s fully self-contained.

Let’s get to the contents, shall we?

1 4-page simple fishing guide w/illustrations
1 Heavy duty plastic bag (that holds everything)
1 Hand line winder w/100ft of 6lb mono line
4 various worms – 3”
1 grub – 1.5”
1 Nylon coated wire leader – 6”
1 Spoon lure – 1.5”
1 Egg sinker – .5oz
3 Eagle Claw treble hooks – size 10
3 light orange foam floats / hook protectors
2 Barrel swivels – size 7
2 Eagle Claw split shot – size 7
4 Eagle Claw BB split shot
3 Eagle Claw single shank hooks

So you have 5 smaller plastic bags holding various contents along with the hand winder all inside the main bag. The main bag seems to be of a decent mil thickness.

This kit isn’t going to allow you to catch any large fish, but it does let you get some decent sized ones on the line to feed yourself and/or your family. It’s definitely a kit that is used as one of your “EDC” Every Day Carry. It’s so portable; you should keep one (or two) in your camping set, bug out bag, hiking pack, and even in your car.

As a novice fisher-guy, setting up the line with a sinker, hook, and worm was incredibly easy. Using the hand winder to let the line in and out is also a breeze. It took me about 15 minutes to get some little fish hooked, which I let go, of course. It was used in a man-made body of water that is stocked every so often. With the almost immediate success that I had, I would determine that, if given more time and better weather (It was cold!), hooking 3-5 pounders would probably be no problem at all. It’s possible that a larger fish could be caught, but great care may be needed to reel ‘em in. These factors make it something that anyone with a basic knowledge of fishing can enjoy. I bet that kids would really like to learn with this micro-pocket fishing kit too.


*Very small kit overall
*More than enough pieces to cater to different fish (and people)
*Good quality to last quite a while, with good care
*Different than most kits of this nature because of the wider variety of included items.


*Small plastic bags can make retrieving hooks a tad interesting when they poke thru. One went into my finger, but it didn’t hurt since it was a tiny treble hook.


One small, compartmented, hard plastic case to hold hooks.
Micro knife / safety razor to cut line.

It’s not complicated, folks. If you’re down to your last bit of dry food and you have this kit with you, then you’re good to go!

This Micro Fishing Kit is not currently available as the item reviewed is a prototype. However, Vigilant Trails does currently offer several other survival kits, including this Pocket Fishing Kit.

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