Uses for an Emergency Blanket
Posted on: April 18, 2014

By Sean Neeld

Using an emergency blanket around the house? Are you daft? Well, me being daft is debatable, but here are 5 of some very cool uses of a Mylar “blanket” being used inside your house with some outdoor possibilities too.

1. These blankets can easily be made into a sling in an emergency. Cut a wide strip and place around the broken arm and tie at the back of the neck. A thin strip can also be used as a makeshift tourniquet. You don’t have to cut them up into strips, it just might make it easier to perform the end-task.

Is there a similar outside usage? Of course! This one isn’t limited in any specific location.

2. Put on the inside of windows, they will prevent heat loss through the glass, keeping your house warmer.

Is there a similar outside usage? Sure! Line the top and/or sides of your tent or lean-to to help the heat stay inside. This alone is a great reason to carry more than one or two Mylar blankets in your pack. Folded up, they’re small and very, very lightweight.

3. Positioned behind a wood stove, or similar, will reflect heat into the room rather than letting the wall behind it absorb the heat. And, a thin card or poster board covered in Mylar on one side can be slipped behind a radiator substantially increasing the heat output into the room.

Is there a similar outside usage? Really? You’re joking, right? Placed behind a campfire (of almost any sort) you can assist in the direction of the flow of heat towards whatever you’d like, including yourself. Of course, you’d have to unfold it first and make a “wall” of whatever size you need for reflection.

4. Positioned behind candles or lanterns the light will be reflected back into the room. Using fewer light sources is a good way to save them for later.

Is there a similar outside usage? Use this trick to light up a wider or central area of your campsite, especially if you have more than one tent. You can also do the same thing but point the light away from your campsite so you can see critters or intruders headed your way.

5. Placed inside a duvet cover they will prevent heat loss during the coldest part of the night. The crinkling noise is a little annoying, but it’s better than freezing if there is no heat source through the night.

Is there a similar outside usage? In the same fashion, you can place them inside your sleeping bag for an extra layer of warmth and body heat radiation.

Just in case,

I hope this has made you wonder what other uses you can think of for your camping gear or BOB. And, if I may, the next time you’re at a dollar store, look around and think of the myriad of ways you can use everyday items.

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