TOPS Outpost Command
Posted on: October 16, 2015
TOPS Outpost cover

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

I’m a serious person when it comes to pointy sticks, aka knives. There is no steel snobbery from me, but I do know what metal makes a good, better, and best type of knife. Do I wish I had some ultimate, hybrid knife that would outlast every living being on Earth? Sure, who wouldn’t? I base a lot, not all, of my knife gathering on practicality over all else. With that in mind, let’s get to it.

I have a new, favorite overall knife. Plain and simple. It was such an easy decision too. I welcome my TOPS Outpost Command to my humble 24 piece collection. No, it’s not my EDC and you’ll know why when I give you the specs. This is an extremely well-engineered, hardy, and robust a knife as I’ve ever owned. It makes my last top vote getter pale in comparison.

What makes it so special? Here are some impressive stats that are just awesome: Overall and blade length are large at 11.25” and 5.75”, respectively. Big? Sure, but the biggest? A solid knife doesn’t have to be the giant sized Rambo knife standing on its own over there in the corner of the vault. It does give you a usable 5” drop point cutting edge to work with along with a tapered swedge at the top. In my view, the swedge makes it easier to chop thru a small-ish tree branch since it tapers toward the top, making it less likely to get stuck as you baton the heck out of it. And, yes, this is actually a knife that you can baton til the sun comes up.

My favorite stat is the blade thickness as it stands at a full 1/4” thick. That may not sound like much, so just ask your avid knife collector and listen to what they say. Looking at the top downward, you can see this impressive blade is thick nearly all the way to the tip.

All this 1095 high carbon steel gives it a hefty weight of 18oz. and a total of 23.1oz. with the included sheath. The blade is coated in what TOPS says is a “black traction” coating which makes it less reflective and easier to maintain. It’s a bruiser that can chop, slice, and dice with ease, yet it’s most forward finger choil greatly helps in whatever fine work you need to get done. (Not superfine work though, the blade is just too big). As a careful test right out of the box, I like to see if it can actually shave hairs off my arm or leg. While not a particularly useful test, it shows me how well the knife’s edge is hand finished by the pros at TOPS. Let’s just say that it shaved the hair so easily, without any pull or tug, that I thought I had cut into the skin. Thankfully, I survived but I wouldn’t suggest anyone try it unless an ambulance is standing by.

Overall, this knife makes me happy. I don’t have to worry about bending the blade, breaking the tip, or fouling up the black linen micarta handles. It is shock and awe, baby, Shock. And. Awe.

The TOPS Outpost Command retails for about $140 here on Amazon.

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