Posted on: May 31, 2016

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

This is the most compact and nearly the brightest lantern I own. When collapsed, it’s about 5” high and when fully extended, it becomes almost 10” (including the handles). The base measures in at about 3.5”. Small? Yeah, kind of, but that makes no difference when it comes to the brightness. I don’t have a way to measure the lumen output, but with 30 leds, it gives off a 360 degree brightness that’s hard to match w/other lanterns in the same size. It also comes w/3 AA batteries. I haven’t tried using my solar rechargeable batteries and I doubt I will unless I’m actually camping or on the run during a lovely SHTF dilemma. They do offer a rechargeable version.

It says the construction is military-grade, but that may be purely subjective since no one I know is aware of the actual standard the military uses. The build is pretty sturdy though. Nothing is loose and no rattles when shaken.

To operate, all you do (after inserting the batteries, of course) is to hold the top and bottom and then pull in opposite directions. As soon as you start to pull the top portion up, it immediately turns on. You can extend it any length you desire which will cause the available light to either increase or decrease when pushing the top downwards. The metal handles can be used to hang the lantern wherever you like. The handles can also be used to slide into the built in grooves on the base, thus allowing you to keep the lantern’s light at whatever level you choose. Very simple and smooth. There’s no play in the pieces fitting together, another sign of good quality, especially at $7.50 per lantern.

Pros: Bright / 360 degree output / Small / Light / Sturdy / Inexpensive / Water resistant

Cons: No choice of differing power levels. It’s either all on or all off. That is negated, in a way, by the length you extend the top piece.

You can buy them in packs of 1, 2, or 4 w/the average price being $7.50 each. Here is the Amazon link for the 4 pack.

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