4Directions Bushcraft

4Directions Bushcraft is owned and operated by Chris and Tawny Deslo. They are based in Missouri and all of their tinder products are locally sourced on their own land. They take great care in preserving resources, which is admirable.

They recently sent over a few of their products for evaluation. I’ll tell you up front, I’m impressed. (more…)

Dragon Fire Tinderbox Extreme Pouch

Okay, let’s deal with this right up front, so as to hopefully reduce the number of snarky comments later. The question many people propose is some variation of, “Why would I spend money on a bag of forest litter?” Here’s the thing. First, keep in mind that not everyone is at the same skill level. While you might find it among the easiest things in the world to find viable tinder in the wild, others may not. Those who are just starting on their woodcraft educational journey might need a little help. this is a great tool for learning what natural materials to look for when you need to make a fire out in the field.

Second, (more…)

Pocket Bellows Fire Kit

As you should know by now, fire is critical to survival. At a minimum, it will help prevent hypothermia, which is a very real threat in even somewhat mild weather. Plus, let’s face it, being able to get a fire going in adverse conditions is just pretty damn cool and is guaranteed to impress those who lack the skill.

The Pocket Bellows Fire Kit is an excellent addition to the fire making arsenal. With just the contents of this small kit, you have the tools you’ll need to (more…)

Living Large in the Wilds Ferro Rod and Fire Kit

I love using ferro rods for making fire. Typically, I’ll use one of them instead of a butane lighter or just about any other method. Honestly, I just think it looks cool when you send a shower of sparks down on your tinder. My kids dig it, too.

The thing is, though, some people have a difficult time holding the ferro rod properly and still leaving enough of the rod exposed for decent scraping. Those with small hands in particular, such as children, sometimes struggle a bit. I mean, sure, you can get the job done with as little as an inch or less of ferro rod but when you’re just starting out learning firecraft, this can be a frustrating endeavor.

Living Large in the Wilds has starting making and selling ferro rods with attached handles made from wood or other materials, such as exotic nuts from Australia. These are as functional as they are beautiful to gaze upon.

The one shown above (more…)


I stumbled across InstaFire a while back and they were kind enough to send me a few sample packets for review. I have to say, I’m mightily impressed by this product! InstaFire is relatively new to the fire starter market but they’ve really been making a name for themselves as the hottest thing to come along since tinder tabs. (more…)

Exotac Matchcap

I routinely carry a stash of strike anywhere matches in every survival kit I put together. While I also have butane lighters as they are cheap, having matches as well is just common sense. However, you need to make sure you keep them dry, right? To do so, I’ve used things like old prescription bottles, 35mm film canisters, even just ziploc plastic bags.

Exotac has taken a modern approach to match cases with their Matchcap line of products. They recently sent me one of their Matchcaps to review. I have to say, I’m impressed.