CRKT Moxie

Let me say up front that I’m a big fan of Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT). I own several of their products and have been using them for years without failure or complaint. As a general rule, I find CRKT products have great value for the dollar.

Recently, I was brought on to be Editor-in-Chief for a new prepper/survival magazine that will be out in January 2018. The working title is AMERICAN PREPPER. One of the articles I did for the magazine is an extensive knife buyer’s guide and the CRKT Moxie was one of the knives I chose to include. (more…)

Uncle Henry Rancher

There’s a part of me that will always be something of a traditionalist when it comes to knives and other gear. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the modern stuff that’s available. But, there’s something just plain cool about a jackknife, for example. It isn’t tactical, or tacticool for that matter. You aren’t going to skin a buck and build a radio from the carcass with it. But, you get a sense of tradition from using one to make a feather stick or just plain whittle for that matter.

Uncle Henry is one of those names (more…)

Steel Will Adept 1000

Make no mistake, this knife is designed to do but one thing – put the hurt on somebody or something. This isn’t a bushcraft blade. You won’t be processing firewood, cleaning fish, or carving a spoon with the Steel Will Adept 1000. However, if you find you have a need for putting holes in something using a needle point dagger, you’ll have to search long and hard to find something better than this. (more…)

Steel Will Apostate

This is the Steel Will Apostate 1108 folding knife. I think it is safe to put the tactical moniker here as well. It is a monster of a folding knife, with a closed length just shy of 5.5”. I’ll tell you what, though, it will take all you can throw at it and keep looking for more. (more…)

TOPS Grim Ripper

A push knife has one job – to hurt someone. Sure, it could cut cordage and with a little practice you could probably even use it to make a feather stick or perform a few of the other traditional bushcraft/survival chores. In reality though, a push knife is a weapon, first and foremost. It is designed to inflict serious injury.

While I was working on the manuscript for Prepper’s Armed Defense, I wanted to include a push knife in the book. This sort of bladed weapon can inflict horrific injuries with very little practice. If you can punch, you can use a push knife. It is also very difficult to disarm someone who is using a push knife. Not impossible, mind you, but difficult.

I shopped around a bit and settled on the TOPS Grim Ripper. (more…)

TOPS Street Scalpel

The TOPS Street Scalpel is a non-nonsense, simple yet rugged, option for EDC and self-defense. This thing can take quite a beating, no question about it. Let’s run through the basic specs:

Overall length: 7 inches
Blade length: 2.38 inches
Blade thickness: 0.25 inches
Weight: 5 oz, with sheath 6 oz
Steel: 1095
Sheath: Kydex (more…)

Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff

I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these for several months now. Ever since I saw an ad in American Survival Guide, I believe it was, I’ve wanted to play around with a Zubin Axe. While I was at the NPS Expo in Kentucky in October, I stopped by the Zubin Axe booth and saw what the tool looked like up close and personal. I liked what I saw, that’s for sure.

The Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff consists (more…)