Water Bottle Shoulder Bag

This is the Water Bottle Shoulder Bag sold by Survival Resources. I’ll tell you up front, I own way more packs, pouches, and bags a guy has any reason to have. That said, when I saw the advertisement for this bag hit my Facebook feed a while back, I knew I had to check it out.

I’ve had a few different water bottle pouches and each of them was ultimately a disappointment. Either it didn’t come with a shoulder strap, which meant either buying one separate or just carrying the damn bag (which sort of defeats the purpose), or the bag was so small all you could really carry was the water bottle. I wanted something that could hold a little bit of gear along with a good-sized water bottle.

Let’s take a look at the features of this water bottle shoulder bag. (more…)

Nite Ize Pock-Its

The Nite Ize Pock-Its pouch is an excellent option to consider for EDC. It holds a surprising number of items and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The flap is held closed by strong velcro. Under the flap, you can see there are several pockets for your gear. I’ve outfitted this one with a small flashlight, a folding knife, a ferro rod and striker, and a Gerber Dime multi-tool. (more…)

Handmade Dual Altoids Tin Pouch

I stumbled across this item a bit ago and just had to buy one. As many of you know already, Altoids tins make for wonderful little containers for survival gear. Whether you buy a premade kit like the Pocket Tin Survival Kit available from Survival Resources or you make your own, these little kits are great to have as backups to your primary equipment. (more…)

Hazard 4 Evac Watson Sling Pack

If you’ve been hunting for a great EDC (Every Day Carry) pack that can also be used as a GHB (Get Home Bag), something that is visually appealing and still FUNCTIONAL, I have just the ticket for you — the Hazard 4 Watson sling pack. (more…)

Grid-It Organizer

What with all the magazines, books, and websites I read, I’m constantly coming across new products. Most of them are merely variations on a given theme, without really bringing a whole lot that is new to the table. Every once in a while though, I find something that really has that WOW factor. The sort of thing that you look at and say to yourself, Damn, now why didn’t I think of that?

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the Grid It Organizer on the Survival Resources website. It is so simple and yet (more…)

Everest Hiking Pack

This pack is very well made and durable. This is the pack I’m currently using for my primary bug out bag. I have it stuffed with about 30 pounds of gear and the pack shows no sign of issues holding it all. The pack is comfortable to wear, despite the heavy load. With both padded shoulder straps and a waist band, the load is distributed nicely across the hips and shoulders.

The pack has several sections, both inside and outside, making it easy to organize the contents. The water bottle pocket on the side of the pack is very nice to have as well.

The only complaint I might have about the pack is the color. (more…)