2018 Hikes – Arboretum

Those who have been around for a while already know this but for the new folks, here’s the deal. Back in late 2015, my wife and I decided that from that point and all through 2016, we would commit to going on at least one hike a week. We both enjoy hiking and being outdoors and we’d had a distinct lack of both for a while. The goal has never been a set distance or amount of time spent on the trail each week. It is just an opportunity for the two of us to spend some much needed time together doing something we enjoy.

We’re still at it today, over two years later. Currently, we’re at about 110 weeks in a row. Our shortest hike was less than a mile, our longest around 28 miles (you can read about that one here). (more…)

Be Realistic

If there is a single bit of advice I could pass along to my fellow survivalists and preppers, it is this — be realistic. Understand that while working hard to increase your abilities is important, it is just as critical to know your limitations. If you plan to bug out on foot, for example, and you get winded walking to the mailbox, odds are a journey of 250 miles isn’t going to end well for you. Sure, once upon a time you could manage 20+ miles a day while humping a ruck. That was 30 years and 95 pounds ago. (more…)

Prepping Hurdles (and how to overcome them)


As you might imagine, I talk or otherwise interact with a lot of preppers and survivalists pretty much daily.  I’ve always encouraged people to ask questions and I’m determined to try to help as best I can.  I don’t know everything, of course, and I’m still learning every day myself.  But, I feel we can usually work together to come up with a solution.

Quite often, I’m approached by someone wants to be better prepared but they’ve become frustrated due to obstacles in their way.  We’ll call those hurdles.  Here are the most common hurdles and some suggestions on how to deal with each of them. (more…)

New Class Announcement – Basic Food Storage


Date: February 24, 2018
Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Cost: FREE

940 S Pine Street
Burlington, WI

In this session, we’ll talk about the primary considerations to keep in mind as you plan and build your food storage at home. (more…)

Booby Traps: Maybe not the best idea

Remember FIRST BLOOD? That was our introduction to one of Sylvester Stallone’s signature characters, John Rambo. In addition to convincing an entire generation of budding survivalists that we all needed to buy giant “survival” knives, it was probably a result of seeing that movie that I became fascinated with traps. (more…)

What Bugging Out Means to Me

One of the challenges in discussing preparedness with other folks is the lack of commonly accepted definitions for many terms. I mean, when you are talking to a mechanic and you say that the brakes seem soft, you can be fairly certain you both know what you mean, right? When you talk to another survivalist about bugging out though, the meaning might not be quite so clear. (more…)

New class announcement – Realistic Bug Out Planning


Date: January 20, 2018
Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM
Cost: $15 per person
Discounts available for multiple people attending together, see below.

210 East Commerce Court
Elkhorn, WI 53121

One of the most common topics in the prepper and survival world is bugging out. Unfortunately, the subject is also filled with myths and half-truths, with tons of truly ridiculous information about it floating around online and elsewhere. In this class, we’re going to take a practical, down to earth look at emergency evacuation. What it means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to prepare for it. (more…)