Hurricane Preparedness on TV

Recently, I made my live television debut on WPTV, which is an NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida. As some of you know, I’ve been working with Sustain Supply, which is a division of Cyalume Technologies, on a line of emergency kits. Thus far, there are three kits available — Comfort4, Comfort2, and Essentials2. With the Cyalume headquarters being in Florida, hurricane preparedness has always been top of mind. Of course, the kits are very well-rounded and perfectly suitable for any emergency or disaster. (more…)

The Survival Library (updated list)

No matter how long we’ve been prepping, we can’t know it all. Sure, common sense and a logical mind will go a long way toward filling in the gaps but having reference materials is always going to be welcome.

When it comes to putting together a survival library, there are many categories to be filled.   What follows are suggestions based on my own reading and research. They are books I have found helpful, interesting, or otherwise worthy of recommendation. In some cases, I know the author personally. Their inclusion on this list is not an indication of favoritism nor nepotism. They are here because they earned it.  This is not intended to be an end all, be all list of every single reference work worthy of purchase.  However, this topic comes up with some regularity in the various FB groups, with people seeking recommendations for books to research.  This is kind of a short-n-dirty list of the books I feel preppers and survivalists should consider not just owning but reading. (more…)

Lethal Force vs Stopping Power

A knife is a commonly carried self-defense weapon. That might not be the knife’s primary purpose but I’d guess that most folks who carry one would rank self-defense among the top three reasons why they have it. Yet, relatively few of those who pack a blade truly understand how to use it against another human being. A large part of it is proper training, of course, but some of it is just a general lack of knowledge. (more…)

Review: Gossman Knives Deer Creek

Guest review by Mike Travis

When I think of a Gossman knife, I think of a blade that can chop through trees and split them into kindling. Scott is renowned for making extreme duty, hard use blades. Honestly, if I wanted to equip myself with the biggest, baddest and toughest blade I could get my hands on, I would reach for a Gossman every time.

However, confining Scott Gossman’s knives to only this category would be a big mistake. Gossman knives are capable of much, much more than the extreme duties conjured up in a post-apocalyptic fantasy. (more…)

Wasp Spray for Self-Defense? Think Again!

Enough with the recommendations about using wasp spray for self-defense! This is an incredibly bad idea all the way around. (more…)

Senior Citizen Emergency Preps

In the last month or two, I’ve received more than a couple of messages from readers who are seeking more information on suggestions for senior citizens who want to prep for emergencies. Today, we’ll discuss a few things seniors can do to help be better prepared for disasters at home. We’re not going to get into care facilities in this installment. We’ll address that in a later post. For now, if you have a loved one who is living at a care facility, please be sure to have a discussion with the folks in charge of the facility to find out what the plans are in the event of major emergencies. Same thing goes if you or your senior receives in-home care assistance. Talk to the care provider about what provisions are made in the event of severe weather or other situations that might preclude the caregiver from making their scheduled visit. This includes programs like Meals on Wheels, too. (more…)

Review – Nordsmith Lapwing

I’ll tell you this right up front — the Lapwing is my first Nordsmith knife but it for damn sure won’t be my last. I’ve been playing around with the Lapwing for a couple of weeks now and it has become my go to fixed blade for all sorts of jobs around the house, especially food prep. It is a smallish knife and very nimble. (more…)