New Class Announcement: Bug Out – Stay Safe

Date: April 28, 2018
Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Location: Guardian Range, Cottage Grove, WI (address provided at time of registration)
Cost: $70.00 (more…)

Throwing Knives for Self-Defense?


In the last couple of days, I’ve seen a few references to throwing knives on survival-related social media. So, I guess this is a thing now? I don’t know, maybe I just never noticed or paid attention to it before. But, okay, let’s talk about throwing knives for a bit. (more…)

Avoid Prepper Tourist Traps

Pretty much anywhere you go, there are two types of restaurants. There are the large, flashy places that cater to tourists and then there are the places where the locals go to eat. Chain restaurants are successful because people know what to expect. The food might be just this side of crappy but you know going in exactly what you’re going to get, no matter where you are traveling. The food does the job, filling the belly, and if the quality isn’t quite top-notch, at least you didn’t have to pay much for it. Locals, however, know where to get the best meal at the best price, and it is often at a place the tourist has never heard of before.

Survival gear is similar. On one side you have the cheap gear that you’ll find in pretty much any store and might do the job, if you can get it to work without breaking. This junk and quasi-junk is marketed to the “tourists” – the newbies or those who just want to buy something to make themselves feel better about being prepared. On the other side you have the gear that the people who know what they’re doing – the “locals” – use and recommend. It likely costs a little more but the gear is built to last and just plain works. (more…)

That stupid deserted island meme

So, this meme crops up frequently on Facebook. And when I say frequently, I mean I see it at least once or twice every single day.

My standard answer is this — If I’m told to pick out a handful of these items because I’m going to be stranded on a deserted island, I’m not getting on the damn boat or plane. Look, the whole preparedness thing is to avoid threats whenever possible. If I’m told ahead of time that I’m going to be stranded, I’m going to avoid the trip altogether. That’s just common sense. If the trip were unavoidable, I find it difficult to imagine a scenario where I’ll have a choice among these specific items but can only take a certain number of them, weight and size of no consequence.

But, with all that said, the point of the meme, as I see it at least, is to get you thinking about priorities. With that in mind, I thought it might be interesting to go down the list and talk a bit about each item, sort of the pros and cons of each. (more…)

Real World Survival Skill – Avoid the “I Can’t” Crutch

[This is the first in a planned series of blog posts. The intent is to highlight skills that everyone truly needs in order to be successful. These are strengths and abilities that should be practiced and honed regularly. The true survivalist knows that real preparedness includes day-to-day living just as much as it does planning for events that may never happen. The skills discussed in this series are those that are great to have even if disaster never strikes.]

I can’t!

How many times have you said that, either out loud or inside your head? When confronted with something we know we should do, something that would be beneficial to us and our families, we often find reasons not to do it. (more…)

Scavenging for Survival

Should a major collapse occur, whether prompted by economic failure, natural disaster, or something else, we hope that we’ve taken all the precautions we can to provide for ourselves and our families. After all, many of us have spent years working on our preps, from food storage to bug out plans and more.

The thing is, we’re all (presumably) human and therefore we’re not perfect. We’re going to make mistakes. We might run out of something or the supply we have gets ruined.

The longer the crisis goes on, the more likely we are to be presented with opportunities for scavenging. Businesses will fold and end up abandoned. People will perish or flee, leaving behind homes and their belongings. (more…)

2018 Hikes – Arboretum

Those who have been around for a while already know this but for the new folks, here’s the deal. Back in late 2015, my wife and I decided that from that point and all through 2016, we would commit to going on at least one hike a week. We both enjoy hiking and being outdoors and we’d had a distinct lack of both for a while. The goal has never been a set distance or amount of time spent on the trail each week. It is just an opportunity for the two of us to spend some much needed time together doing something we enjoy.

We’re still at it today, over two years later. Currently, we’re at about 110 weeks in a row. Our shortest hike was less than a mile, our longest around 28 miles (you can read about that one here). (more…)