Time Shadows

Good news! I’ve got another book that was just released, http://amzn.to/2t9LBoy

Time Shadows is a fun paranormal time travel.

What happens when an 800 year old sorceress sends a modern day woman back in time?

answer: anything!

Bonus chapter for the Reef Roamer



“So she’s finally come back?” Miguel said to his cousin.

Daniel had tracked him down in Marsh Harbor and asked if he knew Jayme Haller.  There were only two Miguel’s in the area that were certified Dive Masters, it was a fifty-fifty chance his mother’s brothers second wife’s nephew was who he was looking for.

“You do know her then?” Daniel repeated the question.

“Yeah, I sure do.”  Miguel thought back five years to the incident that nearly cost him his career – and his life.

He had been guiding a group of experienced divers for almost two weeks when one of them was attacked by a rogue blue shark.  Donald Haller had died from the attack, and his widow disappeared.

Miguel blamed himself for taking them to the remote region to dive his favorite place, Horseshoe Wall; a place known for sharks, usually passive angel sharks.  The weather was perfect.  The day was perfect.  The group was leaving the next day and was excited about the final dive.  He should have done a pre-dive; maybe he would have seen that blue shark lurking around.

The long high-speed boat ride back to the mainland was too long.  Donald had bled out before they even docked.  Miguel blamed himself for not trying more to save Donald.  It was all that blood.  Miguel had frozen.

After the group had removed their gear from his boat, he drove it out into the clear water and washed it by hand. Bucket after bucket after bucket of salt water still didn’t get the red stains out.  And bottle after bottle of island rum couldn’t get the red stains out of his head.

Two months later, Miguel almost drowned when he did the unthinkable: he went diving drunk.  Fate was not going to let him go that easily though.  His boat captain had seen him in distress and saved him and then got their small group back on the boat and back to land.

Two months after Miguel dried out, he tried to find the young widow to make amends.  She was gone – and now she was back.  Maybe it was time for both of them to put their ghosts to rest.


Book #6 of the Journal Series is now available on Amazon.  This is the final episode.  It’s been quite a journey for me.  Thank you, everyone.

The Journal: Martial Law by [Moore, Deborah D.]


Book #6, the final episode, in The Journal Series, is now live on Amazon in ebook.  Print will be available on May 18.  It has been an awesome journey for me.  Thank you all.

The Journal: Martial Law by [Moore, Deborah D.]


The Journal

What an incredible journey writing The Journal Series has been for me.  I’ve learned a great deal about writing and about myself.  I’ve always loved to write, to make things up, every since I was a young teen.  The Journal: Cracked Earth, was my first published novel, and I just finished The Journal: Martial Law, book #6 in the series, and….. the finale.  I don’t have a release date on it yet, but look for it in the next six months.

In between the six books that comprise The Journal, I’ve also written A Preppers Cookbook: 20 years of cooking in the woods, which has numerous tales of my life in the woods; There is also EMPulse, another dystopian book which may (or may not) be my next series; and The Reef Roamer, the very first full length novel I wrote, a light romance novel written almost 25 years ago and finally now in book form.  I’ve got a couple more books rolling around my mind, but I need to take a short break from writing.

For everyone who has followed Allexa Smeth in the Journal, thank you!  She might not be back but I will!!!


new book release

Today is the day!  My latest book, EMPulse is now available in ebook!

A step outside of The Journal, it’s still a disaster that could happen.

EMPulse by [Moore, Deborah D.]


In the UP of MI

Author of The Journal Series


A Prepper’s Cookbook

I did an interview with Time, Inc. about my new cookbook.  I’m very pleased with how it was presented.


fan input

I’m 2/3 done with writing The Journal: Martial Law. This is book #6 and the final one of this series.
Here’s your chance for some input:
I’m asking my fans, readers and family, what would you like to see finalized? What unanswered questions do you have, and what loose ends would you like to see tied up?
Writing certainly isn’t an over-night thing, so we have time. I wasn’t even going to start this until October, however, my summer job was slow getting started so I took advantage of the extra time and got a head-start; now I hope to finish in October 🙂
The Journal has been an incredible journey for me, and although this might be the end of this series (these people need a break!!) it certainly isn’t the end of my writing. EMPulse is being released in ebook on Sept. 13 (print in April 2017), and that just may be the beginning of my next series. That will be up to my publisher.

The Reef Roamer on sale

for this weekend only, get The Reef Roamer for only 99¢ starting July 22, 2016

The Reef Roamer (The Roamer Series Book 1) by [Moore, Deborah D.]

The Reef Roamer

well, it’s here.  Today is the release day of my latest book, The Reef Roamer!

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please let me know what you think of my first attempt at romance writing.