The Reef Roamer

I wrote the Reef Roamer back in 1992, as personal therapy.  After the Journal became such a hit, I decided to re-write and update my very first full length novel.  It is now available for pre-order and will be release on July 19,

interview and give-away

here is a link to the interview I did a few weeks ago.. includes a give away on my cookbook.

busy spring, busy summer

It’s been a whirlwind of writing and publishing!

Since January, I’ve released The Journal: Fault Line (book #5); The Journal Trilogy (#1,2,3), A Prepper’s Cookbook: 20 years of cooking in the woods.  Next month, July 19, something a little different comes out: a romance novel, The Reef Roamer, and in September, EMPulse comes out in ebook (the print comes out next May into bookstores!).

And on top of all that, I’m half way through writing The Journal: Martial Law (book #6), no release on that yet, but hopefully by Christmas.

I’ve set up a new website just for my books:, come take a look.


It’s been a wild ride… thanks for joining me on this excursion!

The Journal Trilogy

The Journal Trilogy, Cracked Earth, Ash Fall and Crimson Skies, is now available … to bookstores! (and online).  There are some Barnes & Noble that will have it on the shelf, where as it’s available in a book catalogue to ALL bookstores.  So, you can go to your favorite store and they can order it for you.

So, being one who really wants to see my Trilogy actually IN a bookstore, not just available to them, I stopped at the larger of the two bookstores in the nearby city (yes, only two bookstores. The largest city in the UP has a population of only 25k). Anyway, I took a copy of the trilogy as a show & tell, asked the owner about a local authors section, yes it takes place in the UP, yes I live here. He checked HIS supplier (not associated with B&N) and found out there were two copies in their warehouse and ordered them both for his store!
Then I asked him about a book signing. We’re going to do one when the weather breaks in another month or so, and do one when people are milling about again.

I will post again when the signing is scheduled. IF you are local to the UP or WI, please stop by!

Meanwhile, book #5, The Journal: Fault Line, is still scheduled for release on April 19, and is available for pre-order.

The Journal Update

For those who have followed my stories, I’m happy to make a couple of announcements.

First, Book #5, The Journal: Ground Zero, is complete.  Release date is still scheduled for mid-April

Next, The Journal Trilogy (books #1, #2, #3, combined into one book) will be released in February AND will be available in bookstores!

Last, but not least, A Preppers Cookbook: 20 Years of Cooking in the Woods, is due out in June and will also be available in bookstores.


This has been a wonderful adventure for me.  Thanks for joining me.

Deborah in the UP of MI

A Preppers Cookbook: 20 years of Cooking in the Woods

well the cookbook is done and is being edited.  It’s scheduled for release in June 2016.  Why so long?  It’s going directly into bookstores!  and that takes time for marketing.  It will also be released to Amazon in print and ebook, so you don’t have to go to a bookstore for it.


In the mean time, The Journal Trilogy will be released in February 2016.  Books 1, 2, and 3 will be one, also released into bookstores.

#4 (TJ: Raging Tide) is available on Amazon now.

AND .. book #5, The Journal: Ground Zero will be released in April, 2016 … after I finish writing it 🙂

Lots of good stuff going on in my writing world!


The Journal: Raging Tide (book #4)

release date has been set for book #4
After half the town died during a flu outbreak, Allexa Smeth was a lost soul.  Colonel James Andrews knew what was needed to pull her out of the deep hole of depression she was in, and suggested a road trip.  They set out to find the rift that broke the Upper Peninsula in half during a 10.9 earthquake.  Finding the colonel’s squad was at the top of the agenda, but they didn’t know it would mean getting into more than they bargained for and possibly more than they could handle.

The fourth and final book of The Journal

  Wow, what a winter it has been.  My second book, The Journal: Ash Fall, was released at the end of November and did really well until January, when almost ALL books seemed to slump (post-Christmas Crash I’ve been told).  With the warmer weather things are stirring again.  The third book in the series will be released on Tuesday!  TJ: Crimson Skies has been touted as the best one yet. I will be making an announcement across the groups as a reminder :), and then again when the printed version is available in another week. AND I’m 75% done with the fourth – and final – book of the series, TJ: Broken Shores (title is still being debated).  It wasn’t until the 4th book that I realized I was addressing the elements: Earth, Wind/air, Fire and now Water.  Interesting.  There isn’t a release date for #4 yet, but my publisher loves my sales, so the releases have been pushed to the front, though no guarantees. I have a goal of finishing it by mid-May, or sooner.

Why the final book?  That could take a bit to explain, I’ll try to keep it simple.  My series has been popular because it’s so believable, it reads real and draws you into the story.  I do that by feeling what the characters are feeling:  all their joys, their pain and sorrow, all of it.  Quite frankly, I’m getting depressed.. lol… these ‘people’ have been through SO much in the two years the story spans, that it’s time to give them – and me – a rest.

Next fall, when my $$ job is over and the canning is done, I will start writing again.  This time it’s a cookbook that goes with the series, then there’s a children’s book on prepping I’ve been kicking around and who knows what else.  For now, though, I need the mental and emotional break from all the fictional disasters.


The Journal Series

For those who are following The Journal Series, my next book (#3), The Journal: Crimson Skies, will be release on April 14, 2015.  The link for the pre-order is:

Book #4, TJ: Divided Shores, is in progress, and will be followed by TJ: Cooking in the Woods, which will present all the recipes -plus more-  used by Allexa Smeth in her journey.



I did an interview, online, about myself and my writing.  check it out!  and don’t forget.. TOMORROW, Nov. 18, 2914, The Journal: Ash Fall goes live on Amazon!!