ICE Cord

Name of company: I.C.E. Cord™ (In Case of Emergency Para-cord)
Twitter: @ICE_Cord
Facebook: /icecord
Email address:
Mailing address: 6698 South Iris Street, # 621621, Littleton, CO 80123
Phone number: (303) 731-3930
Year company founded: Founded in 2011 on a combined 20+ years of outdoor experience with using para-cord!

Products sold:
Bracelets- Singles, Doubles, ICE Cord is the creator of the MELT I INSTANT DEPLOYMENT BRACELET™ and MELT II INSTANT DEPLOYMENT BRACELET™, and introducing all new ARCTIC TREAD™ BRACELET).
Watches- We carry a line of Timex® watches that are fully customizable.
Rifle Slings- Single point adjustable, Two point, Tactical Straps.
Pet Accessories- Single wide dog collars, double wide dog collars, both available as a martingale, light duty dog leash, heavy duty dog leash.
Accessories- key fobs, monkey fists, zipper pulls, fire starters w/ lanyards, neck lanyards, camera neck straps.