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Posted on: October 10, 2010

Week of 10/3/10
There are times when I really feel as though I’m not doing enough, that I’m not making enough headway in what I have to do. So what I’m doing now, is writing a daily journal, all the little things I do every day; it lets me see how much I really AM doing!

Monday. Went to town, banking, minor shopping; bale of straw for cleaning the coup, will do again end of Nov.; got some good deals at Shopko with canning clearance. Found a donut maker for Pam for Christmas. Drained last hose and turned off water; dug potatoes, total 20# (planted one pound); put all canning equipment back in shed for now; cut the grass; baked pumpkin for pie contest this weekend.

Tuesday. What a glorious day! 65, sunny, clear blue skies. Swept the deck and put all the pots away; swept & mopped computer room and then same for kitchen; did early morning stretches; took a one mile walk; bagged up all the dried kidney & dragons beans; planted tulips; have one massage to do at the Lighthouse tonight; got package from Eric with magazine and his Guinness World Record certificate!!

Wednesday. Cleaned out the barn refrigerator and turned it off, should save some power now. Weather perfect. Set old bale of straw by steps, adding squash, as autumn decorations. Took a short walk and cut more branches for tables. Two massages at LH, my left thumb is hurting bad. Back to town to dump electronics from barn to start cleaning that up. Will have to park in there before long..

Thursday: finished harvesting the garden: pulled all the beets, stripped the brussel sprouts, picked a few remaining cherry tomatoes; then turned the chickens loose. Three massages at LH. Another walk, doing better. Chickens love running around in the garden now.

Friday: short day at the Club, which was ok, still had more clean up to do in the barn, and had to bake pies for the contest tomorrow. This whole week has been great weather, I am concerned that the weather will change in a heartbeat, without notice, and it will go very cold and snow soon. Moved a shelf into the chicken feed room to store all the winter squash. I’ll have to insulate around the door, since I’m going to try keeping that room above freezing with a light bulb.

Saturday: put the old propane space heater on free-cycle and someone picked it up this morning, much more room in the barn now. Then it was off to the Autumn Festival. Four hours long, and it was actually fun! Lots of locals spending time together, the weather was perfect. My pie didn’t win in the contest, but it still was good. Spent some time in the evening with my brother.

Looking back at this day to day account, really makes me feel better. I see where my time goes and how much I’m really getting done. Next week will be even more. The prep list is getting shorter.

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