An Experiment

Posted on: October 27, 2010

Starting next Monday, November 1, I’m starting on a month long experiment. I will live strictly off my preps for the entire month.

I sorted out my freezer today, and realized I have beef and lots of mushrooms (it was a very good year for foraging!), but almost no chicken. I love chicken. My pantry is full with all my canned and dried goods from the garden, so I’m good on that side. I’ve got plenty of flour, sugar, salt, yeast for baking, plus canned fruits. The chickens provide me with eggs. Paper products are good for many months, as are soaps and shampoo. I’ve already stocked up on bags of food for the chickens and the cat.

So this weekend, just before the first of the month, I will be sure to pick up extra chicken, and lettuce. Even though I’ve an Aerogarden growing leaf lettuce, that’s not enough for my craving for fresh salads. If I run out during the month, oh well… there may come a time when we don’t have the opportunity to stock up.. one last time.

I will post what I use and consume during this time, and what I find I‘m short of. I do need to go into town at least once a week for work, but I will avoid shopping. I highly recommend doing this test at least once a year, to see where you are. What a ride!!

In the UP of MI

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