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Posted on: November 1, 2010

This is a new magazine that hasn’t quite hit newsstands yet. I’ve seen a preview of the first issue and I have to say it looks great! Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I do have an article appearing in the premier issue, which is how I wrangled the preview.

This first issue contains articles on post-disaster food procurement, homeschooling, nuclear threats, antibiotics, as well as an essay on survivalism by James T. Stevens (author of Back to Basics). My own contribution is on what I call Lone Wolf Syndrome, which is the oft-touted survivalist plan of pulling a Rambo and surviving for years in the wilderness without support or other human interaction.

This one issue of the magazine isn’t an end all, be all resource for survivalists. I don’t know that any periodical could be. But I think just about everyone could find at least one article of interest and that’s always my personal gauge of a reference, whether it be a book, DVD, or magazine. If I can glean at least one tidbit of knowledge, it is probably worth the price of admission.

The publisher is running a pretty decent promotion right now as well. You can get the first issue of the magazine for just the cost of postage to send it to you (less than a couple bucks). Now, the fine print is this–you are signing up for a full year subscription. Should you not want to continue to receive the magazine, you have to contact them to let them know. Otherwise, you’ll get charged for the subscription ($17.76, I believe) for the full year. This is a pretty common practice as far as magazine subscriptions go. Honestly, once you’ve seen the first issue, I think you’ll agree it is a pretty good value all around.

I believe the first issue will hit newsstands in the next couple weeks.

Details on this offer are here: Free issue offer

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