The Millionth Monkey

Posted on: January 14, 2011

Company Name: The Millionth Monkey
Email: or
Mail: PO Box 86, Matheson, CO 80830
Company founded: 2010

Products/services: I am a dealer for Mountain House, MREStar, Survivor Industries, and Guardian Survival Gear. In addition to those companies I have affiliate status with several others.

Additional information: We started our company to be able to help folks be ready for emergencies. According to the American Red Cross, only 7% of us are prepared. We have come to realize that self sufficiency is the best way to be prepared. We hope to soon be offering items such as seeds and gardening supplies as well as alternative energy products and as much as we can in between, in addition to our long term foods and emergency kits. We do implore you to do your research however. Don’t simply believe everything you’re told about preparedness and self sufficiency. What works for one may not work for you.

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