Everest Hiking Pack

Posted on: February 11, 2011
Everest Hiking Pack

This pack is very well made and durable. This is the pack I’m currently using for my primary bug out bag. I have it stuffed with about 30 pounds of gear and the pack shows no sign of issues holding it all. The pack is comfortable to wear, despite the heavy load. With both padded shoulder straps and a waist band, the load is distributed nicely across the hips and shoulders.

The pack has several sections, both inside and outside, making it easy to organize the contents. The water bottle pocket on the side of the pack is very nice to have as well.

The only complaint I might have about the pack is the color. Currently it is only available in red. Not a bad thing in the event you are stranded somewhere as it is easy to spot. But if your goal is to remain undetected, I’d suggest you buy a pack cover.

At a current price of $31.95, this pack is a great value. Recommended.

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