Boycotting Dorchester Publishing

Posted on: March 24, 2011

Dorchester Publishing, through their Leisure imprint, put out some really great books over the years. Many of their horror books certainly fit into the “survival horror” subgenre.

Sadly, as it turns out, they are either thieves or suffer from staggering incompetence when it comes to determining which books they do or do not own the rights to publish.

Once upon a time, being published by Leisure was considered something of a prestigious accomplishment. After all, mass market paperbacks put out by Leisure found their way into every bookstore, supermarket, and just about every other book selling outlet. A contract with Leisure was something most genre authors sought.

As the saying goes though, be careful what you wish for. Many of those same authors now face a long, uphill climb to get Leisure to pay what they owe, as well as stop publishing books they no longer own the rights to publish.

Please, I encourage all of you. Do not buy anything put out by Dorchester Publishing. I for one will never again review a title that has been published by them. While that’s not exactly a huge threat as I’m only one among many, a guy has to have some convictions, right?

More background on this can be found here.

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