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Posted on: April 4, 2011

We currently have three ongoing serialized stories.

The Retreaters by Rick Rourke
What happens when an established group of survivalists faces the ultimate test when TEOTWAWKI actually happens?

The Reef Roamer by Deborah in the UP
Jayme Haller loses her husband in a freak shark attack while scuba diving. Years later, still battling the survivor guilt demons, she re-discovers her love of diving and photography, which leads not only to a new and lucrative career, but back to the island where it all started, and into the arms of the doctor who couldn’t save her husband.

2014 — The Way the World Ends by Greg L. Miller
This is a story about the end of times. The reader is about to embark on a wonderful journey into a post apocalyptic world. Eight Americans are forced to learn what it means to survive when our current way of life comes to an end. Solar flares, earthquakes and Tsunami are the ingredients of this natural disaster. The story parallels atrocities currently happening in cities in Japan, Chile, Haiti and New Zealand in 2010-2011. Join eight Americans as they show proper methods of survival while never forgetting what it means to be American. Is America truly ready for an epic natural disaster or will we respond the same we did in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina?

2 thoughts on “Serial Fiction

  1. The Patriot, John Rawles is a good point almost a how to guide… (its a bit of a good story) but also has some great ideas….

    One Second after was decent more a of real story of a EMP and a small town

    The lights out book was very well written and had a great story as well.

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