Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living by John and Geri McPherson

Posted on: May 31, 2011

If you have even a passing interest in learning primitive bushcraft skills, this is THE book to buy. Extensively illustrated with both photos and line drawings, the McPhersons show you why they are considered two of the preeminent experts in this field. They’ve learned their skills the hard way — by going out there and doing it, making mistakes, then doing it again.

In this book, they guide the reader step by step through various skills and projects, such as crafting a bow and arrows or making fire. Everything is done completely by hand, with no manufactured tools or equipment.

The tone of the writing is conversational and friendly, rather than dry and boring. With humor mixed in with the instructions, the reader feels as though they are being led by the hand by instructors who genuinely care about their students.

The skills taught by the McPhersons here will serve the reader well if they find themselves lost in the woods or otherwise having to live by their wits for a time. While having matches or a lighter is great, you’ll be able to make fire without them if need be. You’ll be able to procure food once your supplies have run out. You’ll even be able to live in a modicum of comfort outdoors with nothing but what Mother Nature will provide for you.

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