Hatchet Force Journal #1

Posted on: June 23, 2011

Remember all those great book series in the 1970-1990s? Stuff like The Survivalist, Mack Bolan, Phoenix Force, The Penetrator, Doomsday Warrior? Me too, with fondness in my heart. But, my love for those action-packed books pales in comparison to that of Jack Badelaire. He lives, eats, and breathes that stuff. Recently, he’s embarked upon a new venture centered on his love for what he calls post-modern pulps.

Hatchet Force Journal is a new e-zine that is just awesome drenched in win. Here are forty-odd pages of reviews, interviews, and discussions about action-adventure books, TV, and movies. Jack’s editorial essay, The Children of Vietnam, is very much on point. He discusses the interesting dichotomy of being part of a generation who grew out of the hippy and counter-culture movements, yet became fascinated with violent movies, gory books, and really what should be considered to be the early days of torture porn.

I think the highlight of this issue is the interview with Mack Maloney. He is the author of about forty books, almost all of which are solidly in the action-adventure genre. He made a name for himself with the post-apocalyptic series Wingman and he’s not stopped since. The interview covers not only his inspirations for that series but how he approaches writing and many other facets of his career.

Brad Mengel contributes an article revisiting that 80s TV hit Knight Rider. Mengel is the author of Serial Vigilantes of Paperback Fiction and knows this genre like almost no one else. (Brad, if you’re reading this, howzabout a review copy?) His discussion of the adventures of KITT and Michael Knight is detailed and extensive.

Book reviews include Able Team #1, Penetrator #1, and Sting of the Scorpion.

All in all, I think Mr. Badelaire has a hit on his hands. If you are a fan of all those great books and movies from our youth, I’d encourage you to get yourself a copy of Hatchet Force Journal #1 and keep up with future issues. The plan is a new issue every two months. You can find the first issue here. Also, be sure to check out Jack’s blog at Post-Modern Pulps.

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