The Inertia of Glue (by Deborah in the UP)

Posted on: January 21, 2010
We prepare for what ever
may come our way
Hoping to survive just
one more day.
We buy, can, do, get, until there’s
room for no more
And when the PF goes up,
it’s back to the store.
swimming in glue
Can’t move onward, but don’t dare stop.
Not going forward, but can’t go back.
(what did I forget? what do I lack?)
Questions and doubts settle like a cool fog,
tightening the grip.
Where do we go from here?
What do we do now?
The inertia of glue.
You prep
you lay plans
never knowing if they’re the right plans
because you want to never use them,
or do you?
we tell them…
I’m prepared to be wrong ~
are you?

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