Wanna be on TV? (Take two)

Posted on: August 8, 2011

I’ve been contacted by another film company regarding a new TV show they are putting together. Here’s the gist:

Screaming Flea Productions, the creators and producers of A&E’s hit show Hoarders, is casting for a new show about preparing for the apocalypse or a natural disaster. Please contact mreindal@sfpseattle.com if you have any information about this subject, or know a “prepper” or “survivalist” who would be willing to appear on camera. We will provide full anonymity, as well as compensation.

Same caveats apply as mentioned previously here about appearing on a TV show. However, I will say this — these folks have been decent in their dealings with me. While I have no financial or other connection with them, my communications with them have been favorable. I get the distinct impression they want to do the subject justice, rather than just highlight the extreme whack jobs out there. Just my opinion though, for whatever that might be worth to you.

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