Save Your Ass by Alexander Stilwell

Posted on: August 11, 2011

This is a very handy little book. By little, I’m referring to the fact that it measures 7″ x 5″, with about 320 pages. But those little pages are absolutely jam packed with quality information.

Save Your Ass covers a huge range of emergencies and disasters. Everything from terror attacks and riots to severe weather is discussed in detail. The chapter on Crisis Survival Psychology alone is worth the price of the book. This is an area that is often missed in most survival texts or if it is included, only a couple pages are devoted to it.

Each chapter is extensively illustrated with line drawings. But, I will say that there are a few of them that probably weren’t needed, such as a woman noting where the emergency exits are on a plane. I don’t know that we really needed a visual aid for that.

While an excellent survival book, it does suffer a bit from trying to cover every possible scenario and topic. The chapter on first aid contains information that has been covered innumerable times in other books like this and none of those books can really replace a stand alone book on the subject. There is a lengthy chapter on Healthy Body, covering stretching, strength training, and other health topics. While interesting, I found this information kind of misplaced when compared to the rest of the book.

Overall, I do like the book and would recommend it, particularly to those who are somewhat new to disaster readiness preparation. There is a gem or two to be found for us more experienced preppers as well. With a cover price well under $20.00, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

2 thoughts on “Save Your Ass by Alexander Stilwell

  1. I like this one because it doesn’t concentrate just on wilderness survival. There are so many high-quality “live off the land” books out there, but substantially fewer ones that discuss urban/suburban survival and/or address threats more common to the average person. To be honest, I’ve not yet delved into any of the various editions of the SAS survival guides. But hey, if a publisher or author wants to shoot one my way, I’d be happy to review it!

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