Urban Survival Guide by David Morris

Posted on: October 7, 2011

This is an interesting approach to the run of the mill survival guides you can find everywhere today. Rather than just presenting list on top of list of supplies to acquire, padded with an extensive chapter or two on first aid techniques, this is actually a 12 week training course that is designed to prepare you for urban survival situations.

There is a ton of great information here. Everything from 72 hour kits to “ghetto medicine.” Morris discusses inexpensive ways to harden your home, where to look for like minded people, and safe rooms. While much of the information is certainly applicable across the board, as the title suggests the focus is on the urban prepper and the unique challenges present when dealing with a city environment.

This book is certainly worth the read. But, I do think it could have been edited and formatted a little better. The topics are kind of scattered in the chapters. There is an entire chapter on lessons to be learned from Hurricane Katrina, which has great information, but much of it could have perhaps just been included in other chapters. Barter information, rather than coming in the Economics of Survival chapter is instead discussed in the Urban Movement After A Disaster section.

Morris also mentions rather frequently his websites and encourages his readers to become “affiliates” to earn money through getting other people to click over to his site. While I’m all for self-promotion, I found this somewhat distasteful.

All in all, the Urban Survival Guide is worth the read and has excellent suggestions for city dwelling preppers. You may just have to look past the promotional material you come across from time to time.

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