Chapter 10 – Part 2

Posted on: November 20, 2011

They clung to each other in the glow of after-love. Jayme stroked Mark’s back, her sensitive hands exploring every well developed muscle, crossing over to hold him against her. Mark lifted himself on one elbow over her. His dark eyes unreadable in the failing light. His face seemed to soften the longer he gazed at her, then he smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Don’t go away,” he eased as he stood. Jayme watched his naked body move away. He had a well toned body that Jayme delighted in watching move gracefully. He soon returned, and covered her with the large soft blanket he brought.

As their bodies met again under the warmth of the cover, Mark could feel his need rising again. He pulled Jayme close to him, kissing her slowly, hypnotically. As he moved to take her desire swollen breast in his mouth, he paused to flick his tongue rapidly across the hard nipple. Jayme gasped. Mark felt himself rapidly harden with her exquisite responses. He knew he was ready for her again, but was determined to take it slower this time, to please her every way he knew how.

They made love again and again, deep into the night as the violent storm raged on outside. Finally satiated, they fell into a blissful slumber, wrapped in each others arms.

Mark left Jayme sleeping on the pillows in front of the dying fire. The sorm had subsided during the night and the first rays of morning sun now began to shine through. It was a night he was not likely to ever forget. Just thinking about holding Jayme, making love to her, Mark could feel his groin witch with excitement. Am I ever going to get enough of her? He thought. Feeling her respond to him was unlike anything he had ever experienced, and he had had a good deal of experience. But none of the other women he had slept with even came close to his green eyed beauty.

As Mark gazed out the window to the now calm sea, he heard Jayme stirring behind him. He looked down at her slight figure huddled under the blanket. As she groaned in pain, Jayme lashed out with her feet, as though she were trying to kick some invisible assailant. She pushed with her hands, only her hands were tangled in the blanket. Sending up another muffled cry, she thrashed harder trying to free herself from whatever held her in the nightmare. Mark reached down and playfully shook Jayme’s foot to waken her, uneasy with her fitfulness. Mark’s growing concern exploded when he saw a wet red stain slowly blossom across the blanket.

Jayme, deep in dreams, was back in the cool, blue water, diving amongst the corals. She could feel her lungs ache as her air began to run out, so she kicked a powerful thrust toward the surface, only her feet were tangled in something. She kicked harder, to no avail. This time something took hold of her foot and was keeping her from reaching the surface where she could breathe. Her lungs ached and screamed for air. What was holding her? An octopus? Too timid. A squid? They could get aggressive. Maybe a patch of kelp had wound around her fins. She thrashed again, flaying her arms, striking out at this unseen menace, when the incredible pain ripped through her arm. Shark! A scream fixed in her dry throat and died there.

Jayme was obviously in the throes of a very bad nightmare, Mark decided, as he realized she had ripped her stitches with her thrashing. He knelt down beside her and leaned across her body to keep her from moving and causing further injury to her arm.
“Jayme! Jayme! Wake up!” Mark pleaded loudly, hoping to gently penetrate what ever demons held her mind it its grasp. “It’s only a dream, Jayme.. You’re safe, you’re with me, now. I won’t let anything hurt you. Please wake up, Jayme,” his concern mounted.

Jayme’s breathing was shallow and rapid as her eyes flashed open, wide with panic. She tried to sit up, but the weight of Mark’s body held her firmly down. He moved aside quickly.
“It’s okay now, Jayme, you were only dreaming”, Mark tried to comfort her as she stared with questioning, panic filled eyes.

Jayme drew in a long, deep lungful of air, closing her eyes, she lay back on the pillows, her face glowing with a sheen of sweat. “I’m alright”, she mumbled. As she sucked in another breath, she opened her eyes and smiled. “I know it was only a dream, but.. The pain sure was real!”

“That’s because you ripped out a few stitches, Jayme. What were you dreaming about?”
“Sharks”. Simply stated was all that was necessary. Mark nodded his head in understanding.
“Well, we’ll fix your arm, then I’ll fix you some breakfast. How does that sound?” Mark tried to hide his anxiety by keeping his tone light.

“Wonderful. I’m starved. Must have worked up quite an appetite,” as soon as the words were spoken, Jayme realized how brazen she sounded. A blush crept up her neck slowly.
“We sure did,” was all Mark said before kissing her soundly.

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