The Little Things – Caffeine

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Some time ago, I endured a bout of stomach flu. As I lay on the couch in absolute misery, I became aware of my head starting to hurt. What began as a mildly irritating headache soon blossomed into feeling as though someone had placed my head into a vise and was slowly cranking it tighter and tighter. Too sick to even try taking anything for the headache, I felt worse and worse as the day wore on. It finally dawned on me as to what was causing my pain. I hadn’t had my daily dose of caffeine.

I am an admitted caffeine addict. This isn’t a good thing but it is what it is. My method of choice is soda, specifically Mountain Dew. But, whether you choose coffee, tea, or some other energy drink, many if not most readers here are also addicted to caffeine. We think nothing of our daily consumption and perhaps take it for granted.

In a crisis, your stress level is going to skyrocket. I’ll tell you right now, your ability to function is going to be hampered by a caffeine withdrawal headache on top of everything else. If you are accustomed to daily caffeine intake in some form, I’d highly suggest you plan ahead and stockpile a reserve. Coffee beans and a way to grind them, tea bags, whatever.

In addition to aiding for your own comfort and well-being, I’d suggest a cup of coffee will be one heck of a thing to have on hand if you need to barter with a fellow survivor.

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