Reasons People Don’t Prep — Not Sure Where to Start

Posted on: May 23, 2012

“Oh my God, there is so much I’d need to do! Enough food for a year for my entire family, are you joking? Where would I even begin?”

Quite often, when one is just starting out with prepping, it seems like an overwhelming task. It can be difficult to determine a good starting point. Sometimes we more experienced survivalists lose sight of that. We have forgotten what it was like when we were just starting on our preparedness journey and because of that, we have little patience with the “newbies.” What seems like common sense to us is brand-spanking-new to others.

Realistically, it doesn’t much matter where you start with your prepping, just start doing something. Buy a couple extra cans of food at the grocery store today. Fill up some water bottles and store them at the back of the pantry. As they say, the longest journey begins with a single step. You’ll find those steps generally get easier the longer you keep at it.

Sometimes, people get all caught up in the expense part of prepping. They see advertisements and blogs where they are made to believe they have to go out and immediately buy entire pallets of dehydrated foods, specially packaged water, and enough medical supplies to outfit a mobile hospital. These people see those recommendations and immediately shut down. There is just no way the average person could do anything close to that in today’s economy. The reality is you don’t need to go out and buy umpteen tons of food right out of the gate. Spread it out, buy a little at a time, and rotate your supplies to keep them fresh.

If you are truly lost as to where to start, you can always try our Countdown to Preparedness course. It is a free online class in disaster readiness. We post one new lesson a week, complete with assignments. The idea is if you follow the lessons faithfully and complete all the assignments, in one year you’ll be about as prepared as you can be.

But you need not go that route. There are literally hundreds of books out there on Amazon and elsewhere that will guide you on your path. Each of them will will likely have different approaches. It is sort of like a group of ranchers all trying to get their individual herds back to the barn. They have the same destination but will probably take slightly different routes to get there.

The critical element though is YOU. Take that first step and keep moving forward from there. I’ll make you this promise — if you do a little bit every day, in just a couple months you’ll look back and see a tremendous difference between now and then. Baby steps will get you there.

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