ICE Cord Paracord Bracelets and Monkey Fists

Posted on: May 25, 2012
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Over the last several weeks, I’ve received inquiries from readers looking for a good company for paracord items like bracelets and such. I’m happy to say the search is over!

Evan over at ICE Cord sent me three bracelets to examine and review for my readers. To say I’m impressed would be a drastic understatement.

First up is a solid color single strap bracelet with an adjustable buckle. I got mine in ACU print. The single side bracelets contain about a foot of paracord for every inch of bracelet so the one I received has about eight feet of cord available to me. The metal adjustable buckle allows for about 3/4″ of change to the size of the bracelet. The weave on this bracelet is tight and solid. I love the ACU print as well. My only gripe about this bracelet is the adjustable buckle can be a bit difficult to use with one hand. It is not a bad design, it just takes a little time to get used to it.

Next is a double wide bracelet with side release buckle. I ordered mine in black. The double wide bracelets have, well, double the amount of cord so mine has about 16 feet available in an emergency. The buckle is easy to maneuver with one hand. This bracelet is very well made, solid, and looks good on my wrist.

The third bracelet I received is ICE Cord’s own Arctic Tread Strap™ in gray with a side release buckle. Sort of the best of both worlds when compared to the single and double strap bracelets. Admittedly, the double wide is pretty thick and people with smaller wrists may not like that. The Arctic Tread Strap™ is about halfway between the single and double, with one and a half feet of cord per inch. The weave pattern is different as well and looks pretty darn cool. Of the three bracelets, I think I like this one the best just because it looks different than most of the other bracelets on the market. The weave gives you more cord per inch than the single wide bracelet, but without added bulk.

Finally, Evan sent me a 3/4″ monkey fist in black to play around with. There isn’t all that much cord to this product, maybe a few feet at most. But a monkey fist isn’t about the cord, it is about the wallop it could deliver to someone. The ball bearing is very snug in this product and I have no concern that this will change down the road. The tail of the cord has a moving knot that allows you to extend your reach to about a foot or so. Very, very cool.

Evan and his team at ICE Cord are a dream to work with. They take the time to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want in a bracelet. When you order, pay very close attention to the sizing and make sure you measure your wrist correctly. They have developed methods in house to make sure you get the fit you want, whether loose or tight.

Best of all, each of their products is made right here in the USA with supplies from other USA-based companies. Always a great thing.

Visit ICE Cord at their website or give them a call at (303) 731-3930. Tell ’em you heard about them here on Survival Weekly.

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