Collecting Donations for a Prepper in Need

Posted on: June 25, 2012

I received word over the weekend that an online friend of mine had her house burn down. She’s a prepper and has been a fixture on at least a few survival related Yahoo Groups. Sounds as though an overheated compressor on the freezer is what started it. Thankfully she made it out ok, as did a couple of her dogs.

Casualties include her cat, possibly a couple more dogs, and just about all her preps.

She has a neighbor who has offered her a place to stay while she gets back on her feet.

She lost all her canning supplies in the blaze, as well as personal photos and other irreplaceable items.

If you’re of a mind to do so, please say a prayer for Carol.

I am collecting donations via PayPal to assist Carol with rebuilding her life and replacing what she’s lost. Even a buck or two would be welcome as it all adds up. If you can spare a bit, please click the Donate button below. Every single penny that is collected will be sent to Carol.

11 thoughts on “Collecting Donations for a Prepper in Need

  1. name should read SIMPLICITY not Sinplicity, thats something different….. kev

  2. Hi, I am a friend of Janes. She told me about the fire. I cannot imagine what you are going through. So a few dollars from Belgium . Buy some chickens with it. Love to you all, simplicity kev aka frugalboy

  3. So glad to hear that things are working out for you Carol. Hoping that you are abundantly supplied with all that you need and that you will be able to recover and have your home feel safe.
    Also pray that you find another kitty! So sad that you lost your pets, there is no replacement, but often there are new friends that need a home and will help to make your living space feel like home!
    God bless you and prayers for you,
    Marie in IN

  4. Folks! I am totally mind boggled at the support I have received from my internet friends. The cash has been invested again in the tools of my prepping efforts. The canners, jars, dehydrator (which is going full bore), jars, utensils for work, did I mention jars? Plus the little odds and ends like funnels, salt ,spoons and pickle crisp and spices. Plus a radio as the only one is in the truck. DOES ANYONE have a clue how many “odds and Ends” make up a house hold??????…..even my primitive household???
    My son located and is delivering an RV trailer in the morning. I have almost gotten used to sleeping either on the hay wagon in the barn alley or the kitchen floor in this OLD rat infested house. I will continue to clean and clear out this old house to use as food processing head quarters. The rats are being slowly dealt with. (Can not use poison because of the dogs) but some of them have become good “rat dogs”.
    Words of Wisdom…..wearing the singed T-shirt – IF anyone has the option, STORE your preps in multiple locations!!! A few months ago that thread surfaced and my every intention was to move preps. The rat problem was the hold up. I wish I had done some of it any way.
    There are situations one can ONLY get out with the BOB (Thankfully was in the truck!!), but others like this one where scattered preps would have meant ALL was not lost.
    I am lucky in that the freezers here at the main house were not affected. I have a bit of deer meat yet and a place to stash new preps out of reach of the rats. The garden is coming on despite the drought so it remains to be seen what is harvested. Zucchini bats to start . LOL!!! Grated and sliced (durn they look like apple slices) and dehydrated.

    Babbling on and taking up Blog space. Just store your preps in scattered locations. Don’t have ALL the EGGS in one basket. I wept over my home jarred goods today. Mostly over the jars. ….and the memories!

  5. The cash gets sent directly to Carol. We set up this fund so she would not have to divulge her PayPal or mailing address information publicly. Every single cent donated goes directly to her.

  6. Just made a donation and it goes without saying that Carol is in my prayers.
    Thank God she was not injured. If there is any way we can help please keep everyone informed. Dixie

  7. Carol I hope all our donations help. I too have been a survivor of a fire that destroyed everything. We too lost several of our animals and also some of the dogs ran off in fear. I still have automatic responses to fire truck sirens and probably always will but like you we survived and one breath at a time moved forward. May you also………

  8. For the Prepper who lost her home, my greatest fear as well. As much time and effort I put into trying to be wise and prepared for what is to come, I live in hurricane prone low lying area, so sure would hate to see it all blow away one day…especially her pets and photos..Let me know what else she may need.


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