The Survival Mate

Posted on: July 27, 2012

The Survival Mate
By Deborah in the UP

Being single, this is a subject that has crossed my mind once or twice…. Okay, maybe more often than that… but I’m still not getting any good answers from myself, so I keep asking: what do I want in a mate? That quickly shifts over to ‘survival mate’ because I’m deeply involved in this mindset. This can’t be just any mate or companion.

Because I’ve already had that companion, a long term relationship that brought me to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, one who did NOT have the same mindset as I do, I know that is a primary ingredient. I do have to define the mindset, if not for others, then at least for myself. That thought that things just aren’t right in the world, and it could get worse at any time, without notice. That thought that if we work at it, make an effort, we would be alright, no matter what happens. That goal of having enough food and supplies to ride out whatever it might be (and that could be as simple as a Blizzard). That goal of being able to take care of, and defend if necessary, ourselves and our family no matter what the future brings.
Is that so much to ask?

Apparently it is.

2 thoughts on “The Survival Mate

  1. thank you Neil, I do appreciate your thoughts. It’s tough having a relationship fall apart because of something you deeply believe it to be true (as in survivalism), that the other person just can’t grasp.

    good luck on any future relationship… I know I still have hope of finding ‘just the right one’…

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I’m Tasha’s friend that she frequently misquotes and harasses.
    Your words on the Survival Mate struck home to me in a big way.
    I wish there were more people like you.
    Survival is a touchy topic sometimes, and I have lost several relationships due to it.
    This is not a come or an invitation – just an appreciation that there may be hope in the world despite evidence to the contrary.
    Keep up the good work !!!

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