The Survival Mate – part 2

Posted on: August 4, 2012

I’ve been giving this blog entry serious thought all week. Some of the character traits and skills might be wishful thinking, at least to find all in one person, but I can dream, can’t I?

So like-mindedness is a given must. What’s next? Character traits that would be helpful are: Kind, Considerate, Compassionate, Loyal, Trustable, and Even Tempered.

Kind & Considerate: yeah, I would want someone I’m with to be kind, sure don’t want a meanie or a bully. Someone who finds perverse pleasure in making other uncomfortable isn’t for me. A kind person generally gets along well and likes animals, this would be important in having a homestead. And a considerate person watches out for their partner, definitely a plus!

Compassionate: But not TOO compassionate! I would want someone who feels sympathy and empathy for his fellow human, but there will come a time when a line may need to be drawn and action taken. If someone is too compassionate, the wrong person could get a ‘second chance’ that could prove disastrous to the homestead. Hesitation can kill.

Loyal & Trustable: Having had a partner that was neither Loyal nor Trustable, I find these two traits rather appealing! Certainly don’t want someone who will switch sides in a heartbeat, or one that doesn’t/won’t stand up for you! And as far as trust goes… well, let’s just say we all need someone who will watch our back when needed, and if we can’t count on them, they shouldn’t be there.   Not knowing if that person you’re with will come to your aid can be very unsettling and leave you off balance, edgy.

Even Tempered: I’ve seen plenty of ‘hot heads’ that will let any little thing upset them. Not good! And in a post SHTF world, a hot-head will be your worst companion. Someone that’s even tempered can and will have a calming effect on anyone else in the retreat, and that’s a good thing.

Now I need to consider what kind of skills would be good for my mythical mate.

2 thoughts on “The Survival Mate – part 2

  1. thanks Cheryl.. you’re right! a sense of humor is a must, and will go a long way to being a likeable person!

  2. Believe me, I’ve thought of this often myself. I fully agree with the criteria you’ve given, and would like to add a few others:

    1 – A man of prayer and a spiritual leader with a shared faith and understanding of the Word of God. Number one!
    2 – Gotta have a sense of humor. In the midst of a disaster, being able to step back and laugh at something that really is humorous will be a great tension-breaker.

    Those two things when combined with what you have already mentioned, would make sure a pretty great survival partner and companion. Of course, he’s gotta think I’m the hottest thing since pizza!

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