Waka Waka Light

Posted on: August 13, 2012
Waka Waka Light

For those looking for a reliable and dependable solar powered light for bugging out or sheltering in place, look no further than the improbably named Waka Waka Light.

The Waka Waka Light is a nifty little gadget that is invaluable in a survival situation. Too many solar powered lights available today are either dimly lit or don’t last very long. Those that are designed like flashlights are difficult to prop up if you want both hands free. None of these issues are present with the Waka Waka Light.

There are five settings.

1) 120 lumen, which is incredibly bright.
2) 60 lumen, a very bright ambient light.
3) 30 lumen, plenty bright enough for reading.
4) 6 lumen, bright enough to be seen by searchers.
5) An automated SOS beacon.

On a full eight hour solar charge, it will burn at the brightest setting for about eight hours and at the softest setting for about ten times that length.

Even the middle setting is bright enough to see your way around your campsite without any trouble at all. We’ve been playing around with the Waka Waka Light for a few days now, using it off and on, and have seen absolutely no diminished charge to the battery as of yet.

As you can see from the above, the light has a built in hinged base plate you can use to prop it up on any flat surface. What you can’t see is the large round hole in the base plate, which allows you to hang the light from a branch or hook, as well as strap it to your pack so it can charge while you’re on the move.

The 800 mAh NiMh battery is good for 500 cycles, which means it can be fully discharged and recharged 500 times at the minimum before there is any battery degradation. What this means in the real world is if you primarily use it for up to 16 hours a day at the lower settings, the battery will last for at least three full years of constant use.

Physically, the Waka Waka Light is not at all heavy and easily fits in a side pocket of a pair of cargo pants. It is a simple design and solidly constructed.

I absolutely love my Waka Waka Light. Having a reliable light source is a critical component of any survival kit and this one ranks at the top of my list.

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