The Survival Mate – part 5

Posted on: August 26, 2012

First of all, because of comments left here and elsewhere, I’d like to clarify something.  Last week, when I said, basically, that my ideal mate would be healthy and not dependent on any life sustaining medications, I meant it as just that: my ideal mate… and IF I have the choice, that’s the way it will be.  However, the heart doesn’t always give us a choice, does it?  So I’m prepared to make exceptions.  Alongside of that, if my healthy mate ends up not so healthy, a stroke, dismemberment, or anything else debilitating, I would never leave him for those reasons… never.


Back to skills that would be nice to have.  Nice to have, but skills CAN be learned, and practice brings proficiency.

In a post-world where ammo may be scarce, it would be nice to have someone around that can shoot a bow and arrow, and perhaps even know how to make replacement arrows.  I’ve never had the interest to learn archery, though both of my sons are quite skilled at this.  My oldest son prefers this method of hunting, as he says, ‘it’s silent and deadly’… and that could be important in a post-world.

Here in the north woods, trapping has been a way of life for as long as man has tamed the region.  Well, tamed is a subjective word, for there are still many areas in the UP that have never been tamed.  So, knowing the ins and outs of trapping, how to set a snare and not get lost doing it, would be a good quality.

On the technical side, a man with basic, or more than basic, knowledge in solar energy, electrical and plumbing, mechanical skills (small engines and automotive), HAM radio operation and repair, would move up a notch with me.

Cooking is indeed a skill, one that I’m very good at, but it would be nice, if I’m the one working late, to come home to a meal already prepared. Or it would be great to take turns in the kitchen… as long as what he fixes is edible…lol.  Remember, the world hasn’t collapsed yet, and life goes on.

I guess that as long as I’m building this mythical mate, I can add in the physical characteristics I find most appealing:  Over six foot, blue eyes & dark hair, lean of body, and gives good hugs.  Of course, most of the men near my age are gray now, so that’s flexible 🙂

I know this is asking a lot of one person, but I know there are men like this out there, and again, this is my IDEAL mate… a wish list.

If there are qualifications that I may have missed, I’m open to suggestions to continue with my viewpoint on it.  So please, speak up!

One last thing, and it really is an important part to any relationship…. Chemistry.  There really needs to be an attraction, a basic desire for that other person, that you don’t know exists until you meet, face to face.    And that chemistry, liking the other person, liking to be around and with that person, is very, very important to me.  I know that often love grows with time, but ya just gotta start somewhere!

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