JASPak Solar Generators

Posted on: September 26, 2012

Name of company: JASPak Solar Generators
Website: http://www.jaspak.com
Email address: info@jaspak.com
Mailing address: 6175 Hickory Flat Hwy, Suite 110-353, Canton, GA 30115
Phone number: 470-848-6343
Year company founded: Building since 2010 – Incorporated in 2012
Products sold: The JASPak Solar Generator system

Any additional information:
JASPak LLC is a proud American company manufacturing the JASPak solar generator out of Northwest Georgia. Conceived by a team of serious geeks, we set out to build a portable solar power solution that would provide immediate power anytime for any situation and allow for power generation and rapid recharging while the sun is shining. Solar generators are the perfect fit for the environment and your home where emergency backup electricity is always available for whenever you need power! Designed for mobility, security and safety, the JASPak Solar Generator will be the ONLY solution you will need for years of reliable service.

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