October 20

Posted on: October 20, 2012


I did a cursory inventory of the freezer room pantry.  Not as much beef or chicken broth as I would like, but it’s something I can make, and do have soup stock in the back room pantry;  Some fruits, canned beans for quick use, and 100# of flour, mainly the store bought foods; light bulbs; all kinds of misc. stuff, plus all my herbs and seasonings.  I have four full boxes of wine.. good for a single glass or two without opening a full bottle.  The wine rack Jason built isn’t really full, but I’d say there’s 4 cases of wine there, some is my cooking stock, Marsala, Sherry, Port.  I’m not worried about how much wine is (or isn’t) there.  Then there is the freezer.  Even though it’s only 12 cubic feet (finally got Frigidaire to answer me on that.. ) the freezer is packed.  Lots of beef and chicken, some pork, some fish, 10# of butter, wild mushrooms.  I could probably live off the freezer alone for months.. lol.  It’s really been hard to resist good sales!

The entry pantry is stuff… paper goods mostly and water filters.  Hopefully a years worth of TP, 6 months of PT.. but that can be done away with if need be.. I’d just use towels and wash them, just like granny did.. Having shelves in there has helped organize that area.  When I put in small tubs and labeled them (dental, deodorant, band aids, softkins, misc.) it did the trick for knowing what was where.    I just bought 6 more deodorant, and that really extends the use; plenty of toothpaste; and OTC pain meds..  but not working, hopefully that will be a minimal need.  I think my medical bag is good.  Shine helped me with that last year: sutures, scalpels, iodine, BP cuff & stethoscope; dental kit too.  Lots of tissues, but hopefully no colds or flu this winter and I refuse the shot!  And I certainly don’t need to worry about shampoo and conditioner, now that my hair is so much shorter!  A few weeks ago there was a 10/10 sale on Jacob’s popcorn, so I loaded up.   Since that’s where Tufts litter box is, checking the stock reminds me to check in the barn for how much spare litter there is for the winter.  Better add that to my list.  Always got that list going, I think sometimes it’s the only way I remember things!

I’m really lacking dish soap, only have four bottles under the sink.  I’ve got a couple of tubs of powdered clothes soap out in the small barn that should last a while, but not indefinitely.  Guess I should get more of that. Another list item.

Then there’s the back room pantry… I’ve outdone myself with canning this year, I’m really pleased.  I sure won’t go hungry!  I’m not going to inventory the bucket shed.. that’s long, long term stuff.

All in all, I’m happy with my supplies and food stores.  I’ve worked hard at it and it shows.

I need to make a run to the artesian well soon.  I’m almost out of drinking water.

3 thoughts on “October 20

  1. Hi Deborah,
    You asked for proofreading help so I’m going to post on each entry where I see anything that might be questionable.
    On the 10/20 entry I think you might have meant “the entire pantry is STUFFED”.

  2. thanks Jane, that is one of the things I hope to accomplish with this blog: showing others what it really takes to be prepared.

  3. Deborah, I think this is a great plan. It helps for people to see the mental preparations and processes that need to go on before actually stocking anything else. I will look forward to this series.

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