October 21

Posted on: October 21, 2012

I dug up some horseradish roots a few days ago.  The plants did great this summer; leaves were four feet tall!  Earlier in the summer, I dried some of the leaves for seasoning, but actually making horseradish from real roots is a new thing for me, so I asked the groups how to do it.  Someone gave me a warning to wear my gasmask.  I thought that silly, but at least that warning got me to get out the N95 mask and the face-sealed goggles.. and surgical gloves. I also set up a table on the deck with the food processor outside. TG!..

I scrubbed the roots. no problem. I peeled the roots.. no problem, pleasant scent… as I love horseradish. But this was my first time and I do listen to those who come before me with more experience. I’m no dummy.

I took all outside, and shredded the roots. ok. When I took the lid off the processor, my eyes started to burn thru the goggles and my nose reacted! OMG… the fumes! YIKES! I did get it dumped into a glass bowl without going blind, and reset with a chopping blade instead of the shredder, and pulsed it several times. Finally got it to the consistency I wanted. I held the bowl away as I lifted the lid. Eyes watering again… I dumped the newly chopped shredded root back into the glass bowl and put a cover on it. Took the utensils into the house and into a waiting dish pan of soapy water. Then I lifted the goggles and wiped my eyes… after I rinsed my gloved hands. I measured out a 1/2 cup of my own ACV and back to the deck with a wooden spoon. Stirred it all in. Covered the bowl with a plastic cap…. washed everything. Then I took the prepared jars outside (wasn’t about to bring that stuff INside) and filled three jars previously holding horseradish.. but none as potent as what I just did!!!

I brought the jars in and immediately rinsed them off…. THEN I de-gloved and removed the protective gear. Next time I just might use the gas mask!!!!  It was quite the experience, but the end product is incredible!  And a good thing the weather was nice!  Makes me want a summer kitchen.. maybe next year.


Now that the resort has closed, it’s past time I attack my Fall Prep list.  There is SO much to do, and I still lament I must do it on my own.  Looking over the list, I’m pleased that I’ve tackled many of these really important items early.  The winter wood was delivered in May… I’m so thankful that Bob lets me pay for it when work picks up, and is all paid for now.  I think this is the first year I’ve got a full 18 months ready to burn.  Every now and then I get the feeling that this will be a bad winter and I’m going to need all that wood.  Hasn’t happened yet, but one of these years it will.  I hate using the propane for cooking when the cook-stove lets me do everything I need, at least when it’s running!

Even though I haven’t used much propane I still called for a ‘winter top off, for Nov. 1st… and that’s all set. Another thing off the list.

I haven’t rototilled the garden yet, but I have shut it down and let the chickens run free.  This was a really great garden season.. wow, I’ve canned so many tomatoes, more than ever.  Plus greens and squash and beans.  It was back in late august sometime that I ran into Mike T. and arranged a barter with his corn for some of my tomatoes!   Unfortunately, before I could collect, his corn was gone and I had to buy some.  Oh well, at least I have some, two cases, better than nothing.

I still have to remember to shut the outside water off… I hate getting down in that well pit…..

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  1. LOL! Glad that you got advice on the horseradish before you tackled it. I’ve bought the roots before (with good intentions) but haven’t processed any …and I won’t be unless I have a gas mask!
    Funny, the directions for making horseradish in one of my books didn’t mention the lethal nature of the fumes…

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