October 23

Posted on: October 23, 2012

It’s Eric’s birthday.. so hard for me to accept that my first child is 44 years old… isn’t that MY age????  I called him … hard to wish a happy birthday when he and Bernita are splitting up… damn.. I really like that dil…. But he’s coping… and that’s the best thing the military did for him, give him coping skills.. he’s a good man, and a good father, guess that’s what I did for him… teach him how to be a good parent.  I’m so proud of him it makes me weep sometimes… I’m proud of Jason too, just in different ways.  Jason has turned into an amazing father.  Having an autistic child is difficult, but he’s done well.

I got my rototiller back from Jason, then hired his helper to till the garden.  My grip is bad right now, but with a winter to recover, it will be better in the Spring.  And with the ground broken I can run the tiller myself.  So Jason took the gutters down from the barn while Abe tilled the garden, and it only cost me $20.. such a deal.  Two more things off my list.

A few days ago, I came across one of those hard to pass up deals.  Chicken legs, what I call a ‘use or lose’ sale… clearance meat.  The legs, all 25 of ‘em,  went into a big pot for soup, which I canned up today, 11 pints heavy on the chicken, along with the two packages of boneless thighs, eight pints.  I just can’t help  it… when I see prices like that I just have to buy it… sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me 🙁

Weather is now cool, low 50’s, cloudy and dreary.  Saturday the temps are dropping into the 30’s for the high, winter is closing in on us.  So I think I might run into town and get two more bags of chicken feed, and see if rock salt is in yet.. should be, I’ve seen Christmas displays already!  Geesh, what happened to the day after Thanksgiving??

2 thoughts on “October 23

  1. My oldest son’s B-day is tomorrow. He’ll be 38. I don’t think I feel like the mother of a 38 YO most days…!
    I am loving this Journal, tho! Don’t stop!

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