October 25

Posted on: October 25, 2012

I’m on a roll!  I’ve been waiting for gas prices to drop to refill the drum.  This morning it dropped, not much, but enough, down to $3.75, Outrageous, but I’m way too nervous about not having full drums.  Always have it refilled by now, but it’s been so frakking expensive!  I needed eighty gallons to fill everything.. yikes! But I do feel better.  It took several hours this morning, running back and forth, 20 gallons at a time and trying to time the shift change so it’s not so obvious what I’m doing, but I feel SO much better!

While I was doing the shuttle, I dropped off all the heavy comforters and blankets and pillows at the Laundromat.  The weather is still reasonably ok to dry it all on the line, even with the night time temps getting into the 40’s… that rain has held off so far.  Temp actually hit 67 yesterday… not what was predicted at all!

Well, that was short lived.  We’re now under a severe thunderstorm warning!  Blankets are draped over chairs in the kitchen, drying very, very slowly; at least they won’t get any wetter.  It’s 57* and too warm to start the stove.  At least I got the gas in. I hurriedly pushed some boxes out of the way, and parked the car in the barn; quarter sized hail can do some damage! Wow, that shifted fast!  It’s dark out now and a fog has settled in.  I can hear the thunder in the distance.  Tufts is not happy about staying in.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE an exclamation mark. I use it constantly, even when I’m told that I’m “shouting” rather than communicating.

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