October 26

Posted on: October 26, 2012

The storms have completely moved out and it’s sunny, cool, but sunny. Since I got all the blankets done for the winter, I took all the curtains down too, washed and on the line. Can’t believe how much I’m getting done!  Guess I just had to get started…

After I washed down the hearth, I brought in a full load of wood <sigh>.  I had to fire the stove up this morning, it’s chilly, only 42 now and won’t go much higher. I loved it when the temps jumped and I had a few glorious days.  The Fall colors were wonderful as usual, but also went away quickly, as usual.  Hard to believe that peak color was two weeks ago, and now we have bare trees.  At least there’s been no snow yet.  I remember when there was a foot of wet, heavy snow before the leaves dropped; brought down countless trees and took the power out; mine was out for four days, others for over a week.  The power company did massive trimming the next Spring.

The forecast is for flurries on Sunday!  So I put the chickens winter walls up on the inner yard.  One more thing is off my list.

Kathy called last night to see if I was going into town today so she could hitch a ride.  Bob’s already in for a day long workshop and there’s a hockey game tonight they want to see.  Since I had planned a quick run, I can drop her off and it saves Bob from coming all the way back to pick her up.  Jason and Jacob are coming for dinner tonight and Jason has requested “meat”…lol.. so I need to shop.  I suppose I could and should, just pull something out of the freezer.  Oh, well, I already promised Kathy a ride and she is my best friend.

Eric called, said he was going to come up for Thanksgiving! Wow… two visits in two months… wonder what’s up.

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  2. I love hearing about your life. I wish you had an email reminder that would show up in my mailbox every day. I guess I’m just lazy.

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