October 27

Posted on: October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is making its way up the east coast.  With NYC providing over 350,000 free meals each day, I wonder what would happen if there is no food to give out during –or after- this storm??  People can get real ugly when they’re hungry.

Weather here is strange though I doubt it’s an effect from the storm.  The skies are clear at night so it gets really cold, only 33 when I got up, but as soon as the sun comes up, the clouds roll in so there’s no solar heating.  I’ve left one cherry tomato plant in the garden, covered at night with a frost bag.  The few tomatoes on it won’t ripen without warmth, so I guess today I’ll pick those and bring them inside, then pull the plant up.  There’s also most of the short row of Swiss Chard that seems totally unaffected by the cold… picked some last night for dinner, so that I will still leave alone, and enjoy it while I can.  And I guess it’s time to dump the flowers on the deck and put the planters underneath.  One more thing off that nagging list.

Jason brought Jacob over around noon.  He had a job to do that took a few hours and since Angela is still out of town, I agreed to watch him.  Even though he’s eight years old, Jacob is also autistic and takes a bit more attention.  He plays so well by himself, it was easy to continue with my chores.  I dumped those flowers, hauled in wood, changed the litter box and did a couple loads of laundry.  Then Jacob and I went for a short walk, just along my road.

Jason showed up around 5:30, just in time for dinner.  I figured on that, so I made two Cornish hens, stuffed with fresh herbs and cooked in the woodstove oven. I served it on a bed of basmati rice with a side of Swiss Chard.  It’s nice to cook for someone besides myself.  Jacob is fussy, so I always keep chicken nuggets on hand for him… or noodles, he just loves ramen noodles.

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