October 28

Posted on: October 28, 2012

No snow, but it sure is chilly!  Down to 30 last night.  A nice fire in the cook stove, a new book to read and a day to relax.  The fire actually feels good, so I’m doing a pot roast for dinner, a nice long, slow cook.  Yum.  What a boring life…..but not so for the east coast.  Looks like “Sandy” is going to wreck some havoc!  It’s now being called a ‘perfect storm’, a n’easter colliding with a cold front from the west.  Some areas might see as much as 50” of snow!  Even up here we don’t get that in one fall, at least not yet.  Most I’ve seen was that 40” when I still lived deep in the woods.

Over on Survival Retreat, the speculations have already started on whether or not the hardest hit areas of the storm are going to be able to hold elections next week, or if they’ll be suspended.  I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

Think I’ll run into town and check mail.

1 thought on “October 28

  1. The expression is “wreak havoc”. I know, I tend to spell it and think of it as “wreck”, but it’s pronounced “wreek”, at least according to what I could find.
    I’m forever mispronouncing things because of how they look at first sight…

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