October 29

Posted on: October 29, 2012

It’s the last Monday of the month. I did my bills for November, online. Gosh, I love doing that… they are all done and will go out when they should, automatically. I still need to plug in an amount for the propane bill, for the fuel that will be delivered on Thursday. Feels really good to have enough in the checking for the rest of the year, and the balance in the savings, ready to transfer over… just as long as no expensive emergencies come up!

Randy sent his latest you-tube, he has an interesting twangy singing voice, but a drawl when he talks. Sort of like Eric: a slight, soft Florida drawl when he talks (funny for a Michigan boy), and his singing voice doesn’t sound like him at all. I still can’t figure out where he got that from, surely not from me, no one in MY family can carry a tune in a bucket. So, a quick few emails with Randy, and he just might come up for a visit and some fishing early next summer, but he’s said that before; I won ‘t hold my breath. It’s been four years since we met at Eric’s 40th BD party, but I still remember the look on his face. I was feeling a bit down that my first child was now 40 years old. I was passing out coffee, drinks to the guests, when this cute friend of Eric’s looked up at me from the couch and said “so… how do you know Eric?” … I smiled and replied “I’m his… mother?” Ah, the look was priceless! We spent most of the afternoon chatting out under the pergola and have stayed loosely in touch since then. Before he left he autographed and gave me two of his CD’s. They’re pretty good for CW… LOL

It was 25* this morning, and the furnace failed to come on when it was suppose to; however, when I bumped up the temp manually, it kicked right in; Hopefully just a glitch. Wood stove is going now and it’s quite comfortable, but then, the temp has risen to 45 and it’s blue skies & sunny out.

One more winter prep done: I recharged the generator battery for easy starting. It isn’t hard to start it with the cord, but my shoulder still isn’t 100% and I don’t want to reinjure it.

Next I’ll do one last sweep of the deck. I don’t know where all these leaves are coming from, there sure isn’t any more on the trees! Might be a good day to clean off my computer desk; and the shelf overhead; and then maybe my art table. That just might give me the incentive to start painting Christmas cards again.

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  1. Bills on-line? No paper trail? Really! I… can’t do that. I need records. Hard copies. I’m a little fanatical about that, though…

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