October 31

Posted on: October 31, 2012

A totally sleepless night for me, with all the wind from Sandy,… hope I can stay awake for the party.  Happy Halloween.

I went into town early and got four more 50# bags of cracked corn for the chickens.  While there, I picked up some more of Tufts favorite crunchies… he’s SO spoiled! And since it’s the official end of my season, I picked up my celebration rib-eye steak, and a single slice of cheese cake.  That’s for tomorrow.  I certainly don’t need more to eat tonight, not after the spread Dawn put out!  She does love to entertain. Nice party.  I asked John to go with me, but he had to work, as usual.  This is the second time he’s turned me down. Guess he doesn’t like me as much as I thought. I can always hope though.  Well, maybe not.. not good to mix business with pleasure.


There’s been a lot posted about looting and crime in the cities on the east coast that have been hit hard by the hurricane.  80 million without power.. wow.. no power, no surveillance cameras, and police are busy elsewhere.. a looters wet dream come true.  My guess whatever we hear is just the tip of the iceberg.

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