November 2

Posted on: November 2, 2012

Doubt it’s even worth mentioning here, but I do like to keep records. Late yesterday Yellowstone had a serious tremor of a 4.5.  Then the New Madrid Fault had a couple too, a 4.0 and a 4.4.  Of course, there’s no damage in Yellowstone, and there was none on the New Madrid, as it was pretty deep. Still, it’s something to pay attention to. With the hurricane damage on the east coast, and now this, it feels like some higher force is shaking us up but good.

It snowed this morning!  Started out as sleet, switched over to snow and now there’s a light dusting on the ground. Sure glad I got everything done in time!  Tufts doesn’t like the snow pelting him in the face, can’t blame him, I don’t like it either, but I still need to face it to bring in wood.  Temp started out at 33, got up to 35.

There is such looting and mayhem going on in NYC and all the other big cities still without power from the super storm.  Society seems to have broken completely down.  There were pictures on the news last night of the long lines just to get gas, and how they had to start limiting it to 10 gallons per person.  Fights were breaking out, it’s just crazy there.  And to think it will all be fixed in another week!  Is this a new norm?

I’ve been a bit dizzy these past few days.  I think it’s my eyes.  I have to remember to stop and pick up my new glasses.  Maybe I should run into town tomorrow and do that.

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