November 3

Posted on: November 3, 2012

Picked up my new glasses, I feel silly that I have forgotten about them.  While in town I picked up four more cases of quart canning jars.  Funny though, it’s the end of canning season, but the jars are not even on sale, much-less on clearance.  I’ve used all I had, and Jason said his dad was coming up to hunt, and he promised we’d get venison for the freezer.  Since I keep little of the freezer meat, and only some of the sausage, I make my share into soup and stew meat… all canned.  After they get the deer, then I’ll get a couple of pork roasts to grind for adding to make the sausage, I just don’t have room right now.  I have to remember to check the sausage spices, the supply might be getting low.  I’m pretty sure I have enough casings though, and the new electric grinder! Jason is really happy about that.

Angela stopped over last night with Jacob.  She wanted to talk about Thanksgiving.  This year it’s at their house, so they get to do the turkey and most of the trimmings.  Norene is making a couple of pies, and I’m bringing my seven-layer salad, and the wine.  Angela asked if I would make the gravy, she doesn’t know how, and the thought of handling/cooking the neck & gizzards makes her queasy.  How did she ever make it to 42 without learning to make gravy???

Cold here, only 33 this morning.  I wonder how the people in NYC are managing the cold nights without power.  Will this storm wake any of them up?  Unlikely.  I read there is yet another storm brewing out in the Atlantic. This one is a winter storm, a Nor’easter which means even more snow for the coast.  What little snow fell here yesterday is gone.

I’m not sleeping well again.  Seems that every other night I don’t sleep at all, and the other nights, it’s a toss-up between really well and fitful.  It’s wearing me down.

I pulled some ribs out of the freezer for dinner, and just might do a potato salad.  I really should sit down and write out a week’s menu, like I use to do.

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  1. I can’t read the NYC headlines (or look at the gas line pictures) without thinking how stupid they are, there. They had AMPLE warning, could’ve bought/filled gas cans WAY in advance, but didn’t… and now we’re supposed to feel badly? Um… no. But I’m beginning to think I’m a bit harsh around the edges, r’something.

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