November 4

Posted on: November 4, 2012

Spring Forward – Fall Back… We are now on a new time, gained an hour of daylight, I think, I can never keep that straight

I think this is going to be a very boring journal, there is just nothing happening in my life.  I get up, I check email, I straighten up the house, maybe do some laundry, plan the days menu, I let Tufts out, then in, then out… geesh, nothing exciting…  I did go for a walk today. Whoopie.

And the news is too depressing to watch, with more riots, more crime, and now some areas are turning away power crews from other states just because they’re not part of their union!  How stupid can they be???

I called Dawn to see how her prepping was coming along and if she needed any more suggestions, but they weren’t home.  So I called Kathy next.  Sure wish I could talk her into stocking even a week’s worth of food.  She’s got lots of tomato sauce from her Earth boxes, in the freezer; and beans from her garden, in the freezer.  Cheese, crackers and smoked oysters are staples there, to go with their rather extensive wine cellar.  I worry about them if anything was to go wrong or they couldn’t get out due to a blizzard.

But I can only suggest.

It’s late, yeah, but I did do a cursory inventory of the pantry… I’m good to go for the winter… and then some.. how do I know how long what will last?  Although it always depends on whether it’s just me or not from a survivalists stand point (likely just me), I’ve been doing this for SO long, I just know, plus I have done double my usual canning this year. What I have noticed is I have fewer and fewer store-bought canned goods and more home canned.  Store bought is still the cases of tuna, salmon, clams, mackerel, oysters, mushrooms and small hams.  I counted 30 jars of home canned bacon!  Wow, I didn’t realize I had done that much.  I did open a jar and found that while good, and tasty, it kind of fell apart.  Next time I’ll do thick cut.

3 thoughts on “November 4

  1. Good for you – the fact that you’re not doing anything is a testament to how well you’ve got a handle on things! Us? We’re swamped. Only got half of our to-do weekend list done… and now that it’s darker earlier, it’s gonna be harder to get it all wrapped up (hub doesn’t get home until six-ish).

    I have noticed the same – we’ve always had tons of canned goods and boxed foods, but suddenly I have jar after jar of stuff we’ve put up.

    And today? I try my hand at making my first candle from beeswax!

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