November 5

Posted on: November 5, 2012

In watching the news coverage the storm, my PF has spiked in some ways, lowered in others. I noticed that things went south very quickly, but then criminals are opportunists and they sure had the opportunity.. but that’s for looting and other mayhem. Those who evacuated and are now waiting in lines are of the mentality they cannot, CANNOT, blame themselves for not having what it is they desire or need. They, like everyone else, have had the chance/choice to prepare or not, and they chose not to; yet when the scenario turned into reality, and they see they should have prepared, they must blame someone else; to blame themselves is tantamount to admitting they are failures, and our current society has programmed us there are no failures, everyone is a winner. That failure only gets reinforced when you’ve failed those you are supposed to protect or those who depend on you, like children or the elderly or the handicapped.

I look over my food preps, and know I’m in good shape for the winter, longer if I stretch out my canning. I could fill out some spots in my supplies, but TP won’t keep me alive <g> so I’m not overly concerned with it… that’s a convenience thing. So for what I have, what I need to survive until next summer, hunkering down, my PF has gone down. I’m good.

But when I see (on the news, real life) of what ‘civilized’ people are capable of, even KNOWING that help is on the way/ the power will be back on (even if it’s eventually and not tomorrow)/ this will all become a bad dream….. what will they be like when the power WON’T be back, or that help ISN’T coming… that’s when my PF spikes, and I check my ammo supplies…..

2 thoughts on “November 5

  1. Personal footprint? I haven’t gone to the next entry so not sure this question is answered. A reader would want to know what it means…

  2. I don’t know what ‘PF’ is… I’m getting ‘preparation factor’?

    I don’t feel sorry for a one of them. I have five children, only one parent is working, we’re not on assistance (which means we pay for everything we need/have), and I homeschool and homestead. That means that MOST of the people in NYC have more time, more money, and more resources than I do. If they’re not prepared, that’s not my fault, and I kind of resent that the taxes I pay go to people who get bluetooths and iPads.

    But then, I feel that way about my family, too. My dad has an Air Force retirement, has been 30 years at a company since then, and has my sister living home, contributing her ex’s child support to the kitty. My mom occassionally works (when the spirit moves), too. They have double the money we have, double the adults we have, half the children we have… and I promise you – if SHTF – I will NOT be accepting them in under my wing. I’ve warned them. The good news is that they fear me (I’m ‘unstable’… and I kind of nurture that opine). The bad news is that I don’t think that will keep them away when they become desperate.

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