November 8

Posted on: November 8, 2012

The first quake has been downgraded to a 7.6, epicenter just north of Memphis, and it lasted 4 minutes.  Bridges have collapsed or are severely damaged all along the Mississippi River.  Aerial views show an actual crack in the earth. It’s mind boggling.  The second quake remains at an 8.2 and centered in what was Hannibal Missouri.  Hannibal is just gone; leveled.  The tectonic plate was ‘shoved’ out of place during the 7 minutes of shaking, and now the Mississippi at that juncture is spilling back into itself, forming a new lake.  The death toll is staggering: thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands; thousands more missing; thousands more injured and now homeless; there is no way to get an actual count right now, the devastation is too great. There are fires and gas explosions everywhere, hampering any rescue efforts, and those efforts are minimal. Roads are filled with debris from buildings and crushed cars; asphalt and concrete have buckled; emergency vehicles can’t get anywhere.  Gas stations are burning out of control from ruptured fuel tanks; natural gas lines have ignited everywhere.   FEMA is overwhelmed; they were completely tied up on the east coast with the hurricane victims, and now this.  They can’t even do anything as there’s been no call from either governor asking for help.  Gov. Astor in Missouri was home with her family …. in Hannibal; Gov. Perkins from TN is missing.  Both governments are in chaos.  All shipping traffic on the Mississippi has been stopped; some of the barges were shoved into the river banks, others not so lucky, were sucked down.  With virtually all the bridges compromised in one way or another, or just plain collapsed, the vehicle traffic is non-existent; it’s the same for any east-west trains.  The only route is thru northern Minnesota and it’s blocked with the first blizzard of the season.  Supply lines are completely cut off.  This just gives me chills over what that means.

Reports just in there were two 4.5 tremors in Utah, within the last 12 hours; a 6.7 in Yellowstone, where they had to evacuate and close the park, the ground so hot it was melting the soles on shoes; and yet another 6.3 off the coast of British Columbia.  What’s happening???

I need to double check my own supplies.

BATTERIES!!  How could I forget about batteries???  I’m going to have to risk going into town.  Jason said it was very, very busy, but not really bad, bad.  They were able to complete the list I gave them, and added some of their own. They don’t have much of the money left, but both cars are full and the four new containers are full now too.  Angela balked at getting the two five gallon water jugs because they have a good well, but Jason over rode her.  In time she will be very happy they have those.

7 thoughts on “November 8

  1. Getting very exciting and, of course, making me check out my own stuff. Keep it coming. Excellent.

  2. So scary. And so true. Wake-up call for all of us who feel “safe” right now.
    These things can happen at any time, and this year has been absolutely devastating.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s entry, Deborah.

  3. ah, Soozie! thank you so much for giving me The Journal so many months ago. Hope you’re pleased with what I’ve done with it…

  4. Well, I’m cut off from my daughter in Nevada. No way they can get here now. Sure wish they would have moved back here while they still could.
    Watching for more quakes west of the Mississippi.

  5. p.s. please PLEASE be careful about being followed/tracked by two-legged predators. Going into town may not be so bad, but coming back ???

  6. I have a good imagination but even I have a hard time imagining how things in my area can change with this sort of situation downriver… I wonder if we would have gas rationing, for example, since gas stations here would have to serve not only our locals but all the travelers passing thru from W to E & E to W? would OUR [private] supplies be “commandeered” (= stolen by authorities) to make up for the stores, warehouses, etc lost in the disaster zones? am not familiar with martial law so dunno what to even imagine… 🙁

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